Napoleon Buonaparte’s Army of Animals marches in on Facebook

Admiral Tenenbaum

Good Day Everyone. I am Admiral Tenenbaum of Napoleon’s Army of Animals on Facebook, an international Role-Playing Game. This is
one of very few games on Facebook that doesn’t require any kind of application, only participation. It is a part of the great Napoleon Buonaparte’s army/navy. I started out as a Major General in the QFF (Quebec Feline Front) division, moved up to General, and when the
Navy of Animals began, I became Admiral of Supplies.

Rex Sunshine, of JC Sunshine fame, is an ensign in Napoleon’s army and a minor character who is usually arrogant and adversarial. He has been known to spy on the army on occasion and more often to spy for the army.

The Army of Animals is a game that was started by Napoleon Buonaparte when he noticed that many other people, like himself, were posting pictures of their pets as profile pictures. At one time Facebook began deleting a lot of profiles containing pictures of animals, and this was one very creative way of keeping everyone’s accounts active, or at least showing some solidarity between people who post photographs of their pets instead of photographs of themselves.

Ensign Rex Sunshine

The Army of Animals is also a place where one can either relax in the
bar or battle the enemies, including the forces of Nelson and Wellington,
as well as Facebook spies. This RPG now has over 4000 members from all around the world involved.

There are many great characters involved in Napoleon’s pet empire, and
you can find out about them by looking them up on Facebook, Twitter, or the general’s gift-shop page.

Napoleon Buonaparte himself (photo: Napoleon's Pet Empire, L.L.C. all rights reserved)

The general and his army are always on the lookout for new recruits. If you use a photo of your pet as your Facebook image, then you can join, and the official tailor will make you a uniform. The only recruitment rule is: No Humans Allowed (or spies). Of course you can use any photo you wish when not playing this game.

Come and join us on our next big adventure with all of the virtual hijinx and debaucheries we animals can muster on an online, anthropomorphic plain, or just join us in the bar for a drink.

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  • So what does this army do? Do you fight against other armies? Do you plot world domination? Do you re-enact the battle of Waterloo? Do you all wear silly hats? I’m still confused.

  • I always wanted the two pets I grew up with, Snowball and Fuzzbucket, to take over the world.

  • Is it bad I imagined the voice of the narrator from “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” when I was reading this? Awesome post!!

  • How do I get to join now that my human has me on FB????

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