Cindy Blackman gets a very decent proposal Santana-style

Carlos Santana sure has style. That much is clear and has been for years. His guitar playing is legendary and his onstage presence has always been very smooth. On Friday, though, he took smooth to a whole new level, a very romantic one. He proposed to girlfriend Cindy Blackman while onstage during a concert in Tinley Park, Illinois.

If you’re not familiar with Cindy Blackman, well, she’s a drummer and apparently a good one. Known as a jazz percussionist, she has also performed with the likes of Lenny Kravitz and Cassandra Wilson. During the show in Tinley Park, she was performing a guest set with her boyfriend and had just completed a drum solo when Santana popped the question.

Santana and Blackman (photo: Wikipedia)

While this proposal clearly ranks up there with some of the great rock n roll and romance moments, it is also an unquestionably a gutsy move. What’s especially gutsy here on Santana’s part is when he decided to propose: four songs into the set!

Just think about it, if Blackman had turned him down, not only would he have to complete the set, presumably drowning his sorrows in his expert guitar playing, but he would have had to finish the show with the spurn-er backing him up on percussion. Still, Santana seems suave enough to have pulled it off.

Fortunately for all involved, the proposal was accepted, to the delight of the crowd in attendance who cheered wildly. Santana, who has been married before (34 years, in fact, to Deborah Santana), says that being in love is “a gift from the universe.” Well, it looks like in this case, the universe is feeling generous.

Cindy Blackman is 50 and Carlos Santana is 52. The date of the wedding has not been announced yet but the next leg of Santana’s Universal Tone Tour kicks off in September.

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