Cinema L’Amour Show #2: Moncton

Cinema L'Amour Moncton

Cinema L’Amour, is a quirky Montreal band, lovingly described as nerdy loop-rock. (It’s also a porno theatre on St. Laurent and Duluth) The band is currently on an east-coast Canadian tour and ForgetTheBox is following them… well not really, but sort of. While they are on the road, Dorian will be sending us blog posts detailing their adventures and exploring what it’s like touring across Canada. For the next few weeks we’ll be posting their updates culminating in their big welcome back show on June 2nd. Here is their weekend report.

Show #2: Moncton

We spent the weekend in Sackville, hanging out with Chris’ family and all our new friends in town. On saturday night, we had the excellent fortune to be around for an epic show featuring locals Astral Gunk, Yellow Teeth, PEI’s The North lakes, and Halifax’s Quaker Parents.

Quaker Parents
Quaker Parents rocking out at the Sackville Legion
Yellow Teeth bringing the noise!
Yellow Teeth bringing the noise!

It was an awesome show, it’s incredible to see such a diverse and vibrant scene in such a small town. We’re really excited to be playing with Astral Gunk members Noise Hounds when we return to Sackville once again on May 30th at 15 Allison. Also on the docket: rocking out alongside Yellowteeth at our show a couple nights later at the Somerset in St. John! Our new pal Mark Grundy of Quaker Parents is going to be in town all month doing the Sappyfest songwriter residency, we’re pretty jealous he gets to spend so much time in such a rad environment, we’ll be following his progress as he goes for sure!

The next stop on the tour was Moncton at the quickly-becoming-venerable Plan B Lounge. We’d played the bar before on our last run through the Maritimes, and we were looking forward to coming back. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a new feature of the bar: two entire walls covered in band names scrawled with sharpie markers. It was awesome to see so many folks we recognized from across our travels represented there on the wall, and we were stoked to leave our own mark on the place!

Plan B's rock wall
Wall of Rock

As it was a Monday night, the turnout was far from exceptional, but the amazing staff and a good number of regulars made us feel right at home. We had a great time chatting with the Sound Guy and Venue Booker Brock about our favourite venues across the country (hello, Sheila and the Apollo!). Hopefully we’ll be sharing some of that with you folks in the future with help from our pals at CKUT, more on that later.

Cinema L'Amour MonctonOur excellent Bartender and Pal Keegan!
Brock feeling the good vibes!

After the gig, we returned once more to Sackville and the doll filled hotel for one more night of celebrating with Chris’ family before heading on to Halifax.

The view from the backyard!

There was Tequila, there were attempts at playing pool.
Also: a bar called Uncle Larry’s that would literally fit upwards of two percent of the town’s population at a time.



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