CLASSE rally amps up Montreal students for Quebec Elections

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CLASSE held a rally that included performances by Quebec artists speaking out against tuition increase last week. The evening featured speeches on issues from democracy to feminism within the student movement and was highlighted by the final speech by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on behalf of CLASSE after his resignation. The student association intends to motivate students for a huge demonstration on August 22nd. Classe remains unaffiliated from any political party, but intends to influence their power from the streets despite who is elected. Interviews with Dan Bigras and Jeremie Bedard-Wien financial secretary of CLASSE.

Journalist and Editor: Emily Campbell, Videographer: Chris Zacchia

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  • Going to be interesting to see the results of this election . Unfortunately will not be voting , as the choices are awful . Do not want to see Charest re-elected , but also not interested in xenophobic , seperatist racists being elected either …
    Hopefully we can see some kind of resolve to this student protest soon , it’s getting quite tiring for people like myself who live near downtown Montreal . Sure the students have a valid cause , but let’s address some more important issues like government corruption also , the 40% extra that taxpayers pay for road work in Quebec is money in organized crime’s pocket that could pay for a lot of tuition …

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