Clockwork for your mind – Art School & Caroline Glass & Friends @ Barfly

Photo by Chris Zacchia

On Tuesday, November 30, Art school and Caroline Glass & Friends performed at Barfly. These two artists are at opposite ends of the music scale, yet coloured in the memories of my past adventures in the Canadian prairies and my reason for being in Montréal now, which was and are at the opposite sides on the scale of my life. So, enough about my cowgirl turned city slicker days, here are the goods (in order of appearance, ’cause I’m a nerd and PS. exciting local bands and their info/up-coming shows are included)…

There’s something about artists from the prairies that strike one of the valves connected to my heart to help pump the blood into my body. It might be because I spent a lot of time in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan while growing up, or it might be that twang you hear in western-Canadian country music. Both ways, I’m a big fan of Art School and they gave me a nice low-key dose of country (something I’d be craving for a couple weeks).

So what happens when you drop of out Art School and have twangy vocals? You form a band, name it Art School and become the lead singer (which is the best idea EVER). Art School (whose name doesn’t match their style of music…), is an indie/folk country band from Medicine Hat, Alberta. They’ve been touring Canada for the past couple of months debuting their twangy vocals, blues, sound-shaking harmonica and violin bow paying guitar chords to small, local venues near you.

Though they are more country than folk to me anyway they’re a good reminder of the young, emerging indie-country (because you pair “indie” with everything now) artists, whose home-grown roots you hear in every word, bass and guitar strumming and drum tapping, that this improving genre is about to cause a sweeping crash on the shores of music scene.

Their live performance at Barfly was truly engaging. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first saw them take the stage, but they got on that small stage and mesmerized me with their song Fossils (I’m such a sucker for romantic, yet doleful lyrics). Seriously though, the strong and wooing voice that come from that boy had me completely taken back and wanting more. The entire band was in sync with each other you can tell they definitely have serious practice sessions.

After Art School finished up, Caroline Glass & Friends plugged in all their cords, fixed their sound, and brought me right back from my hypnotized, cowgirl, reminiscing state, back to the reason why I moved to one of the happiest cities to live in the world – Montréal (and how thankful I am for that).

Photo by Chris Zacchia

Caroline Glass’s & Friends music style is why I moved to Montréal the artsy sound of various instruments coming together to create one illuminating sound (maybe more the artsy side, seeing as I could never play an instrument to help pay my rent). The whole band’s persona is a perfect reflection of the local Montréal music community. Each member’s individuality brings a unique and original element to their electric/folk music its a perfect, local and underground picture of this thriving musical city.

The five piece band is comprised of some of the best talent in the city in the underground scene, which includes: Caroline Glass (vocals, mandolin, cor anglais, and bass clarinet), Dave Lines (guitar and keyboards), Jackie Gallant (drums), Ingrid Wissink (violin and trumpet) and Steven Ludvik (bass). Their songs are simple yet, extremely imaginative and good-natured. It’s a very complex sound that will have your brain working clockwork, as your ears piece all the instruments and vocals together to interpret the music as a whole. It’s a great mind exercise (you really should listen and give it try. Plus, what else are you doing right now? Creeping people on Facebook? Yea).

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Caroline Glass is a pretty interesting lady too. Why? Well, here’s
why! Caroline, who studied at the Quebec Conservatory of Music, toured with Cirque de Soleil’s Dralion for nearly over three years. She’s collaborated with Joseph Arthur, Seb Martel and Dewanatron. She’s got the singing, writing and musical background that Top 40 artists could only dream of she plays oboe, cor anglais, bass and contrabass clarinet, and mandolin, and guitar (okay, you can breathe now). In 2011 Caroline’s going to record a full length album and show you her music genius in person via numerous shows. In the meantime you can get your Glass & Friends fix via her EP Caroline Glass & Friends.

Montréal’s underground music scene (like said, Caroline Glass & Friends is such a fitting example) is filled with SO many talented musicians of all ages, backgrounds and hair-dos, who are in numerous projects with each other all over the city and country. One particular reference I know (in stone) is that the majority of the members in Caroline Glass & Friends are part of the Velvet Underground Tribute band, LOADED.

Other local bands/artists that you should make a point of seeing can be found dwelling deep within St.Henri and laying-low on the Plateau are: Cinema L’Amour, Allan Lento (who played with Will (Phil) Austen @ POP on the Main and has a show super soon), A Devil’s Din (independent project by Dave Lines) Jordi Rosen and Desert Owls (that’s just a warm up kids!).

Do yourself a favour this weekend and connect with what’s right in front you before you spend $50 on the next Metropolis show support local. If you’re not sure where to find this exciting information, check the Forget The Box events calendar, located at the top, right of the side bar (I add local shows weekly).

Art School and Caroline Glass & Friends preformed live @ Barfly on Tuesday, November 30th. Weigh Anchors finished the show, but a damn cold made me go home. It was low-key, ear pleasing and clockwork for your mind. I’m sure Weigh Anchors were awesome.

*** PS: LOADED PLAYS DECEMBER 10 @ 8PM @ Centre St-Ambroise, 5080A St-Ambroise! ***

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