CMW Day 1: Bored? Try moving your arm dude – Still Life Still @ Horseshoe Tavern

Still Life Still at CMW - Photo: Chris Zacchia

Alright Winter I’m ready for you to just go far, far away. I’d even be up for skipping this stupid Spring rain shit. April showers in March or rainstorms in March do to not make for a fun, exciting venue jumping, band listening TO experience. Seriously dude, can someone please have a serious chat with this “mother nature” person? She’s pissing me off.

Day one was shitty because of the weather (which may have made me a little cracra – TO slang for “crazy”). That and the fact Montreal didn’t want to let us go and decided to have a huge snow storm the night/morning before we left. Getting into TO was a breeze, finding venues…not too hard and listening to good, live shows/interesting music will hopefully come tonight. Right, so about that sentence, here’s whats up…

Still Life Still played at the Horseshoe Tavern last night for a packed audience. Having read back in August that they were eyed as one of the 10 bands to break through in 2010 I was expecting more. Their sound was on par, they played good songs, some guy in the front was trying to hump his girlfriend (which I’m assuming is code for Still Life Still is our sex music), and they did what they were supposed to do – stroke their instruments and sing into a mic. Cool, I get it, that’s their thing…but a little more life would have been fun. I guess they’re really trying to stick to their name’s meaning.

Still Life Still at CMW - Photo: Chris Zacchia

It’s these shows, these same, mundane, repetitive and expected shows that bore me to death. But then again what should I expect? Really though when bands perform like this, it just makes me think they hate their job (playing music) and they don’t want to do it. Seriously dude, can you just like lift your arm or something?

It’s also all starting to sound the same…everyone’s doing the same thing. It’s all radio created mass music. BUT the masses like it, which equals money which equals shows which equals “doing what they love”. Maybe I’m just being a music snob. Plus, I’m not here to hate on the bands, just finding interesting, unique and original music is hard these days….and of course, how can anything really be original anymore since genres keep fucking each other and breeding hybrids.

Tonight should be different. Here’s what I’m thinking….

The guy working at the place we ate today dished out a (hopefully interesting) show at the Analogue Gallery on Queen West (8pm).   Modern Boys, Modern Girls is one of the bands playing at the art gallery. Small local art galleries are awesome for shows and communities – adaptable and smaller space, and intimate settings. Good news.

Then I’ve got Dinosaur Bones (11pm) at Lee’s Palace, followed by a Swedish version of BBS dancing with Arcade Fire, Alcoholic Faith Mission (sttttoooked and at 12am) at the Dakota (double stoookeeed) ….and then street carin’ it to the Horseshoe again to cap the night off with Gloryhound (2:30am).

I’m gonna bring an extra pair of socks tonight, along with my blind faith in unique performances and interesting music.

Cool beans. Check out the full schedule for more show listings.

ps: I love libraries.

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