CMW Preview: Jerry packs his bags, helps push a car and gets his ears ready for a musical feast!

So here we go, I’m packing my bags and getting ready to go to head out to Canadian Music Week in Toronto.

Diary. Check. Pens and crayons. Check. Toothpaste. Black scribe gloves. Check.   Sun glasses (because I wear my sunglasses in the dark). Check.

Okay its 10 o’clock, ready to go. Wait a minute. This is Montreal, a city where it rains and snows simultaneously. So I sit for two hours waiting for the photographer (Chris Zacchia) and our movie reviewer (Stephanie Laughlin).

It   turns out they were stuck in an alleyway covered in three feet of snow,   I tried to help push the car through the alley which was covered with a sheet of ice under the snow. It appeared to be an impossible feat, especially after two hours of pushing only got us a few meters away.

Either Montreal really loves us and refuses to let us leave or winter really hates us. We finally picked up the music columnist (Cassie Doubleday) and left 3 hours late. Oh well, better late than never. On with the show, here are some of the bands I plan on seeing:

Thursday, March 10th

The River Junction
(Cadillac Club)

The River Junction are a pure progressive country rock band, but with an edge of hard rock influence. What you are going to hear are great female/male harmonies between Derek Hardy and Tammy Steeper that bring out the best in country music. After listening to this band one time it’s not hard to see why they are quickly becoming Toronto’s most popular and influential country band. This is a strange pick for me, but the truth is   I’m a secret cowboy at heart.

(Bovine Sex Club, 11pm)

They are one of the Montreal bands that constantly tour and have been all over Canada several times over. They released The Promise EP in 2005 and the full0-length Odds Against Tomorrow in 2006, playing nearly 1100 shows since their inception. If you like heavy debris-falling metal then Endast is the band of you.

Zeus: conducting the elements (photo courtesy of the band)

(Horseshoe Tavern,   12:20 am)

Zeus conduct the elements of rock, country, blues and punk and generally, are very fun to listen to. The founding members Mike O’Brien and Carlin Nicholson met in high school. Since then things have really started to happen for the group, their band has toured across Canada and have become a staple of the rock scene.

Friday March 11

Hooded Fang
(Horse Shoe Tavern 10:20 pm)

Daniel Lee, April Aliermo, Julia Barnes, Nicholas Hune-Brown, Lane Halley, Lorna Wright and D.Alex Meeks are the hooded Fang. They bring out the best in their audience with their crazy and raucous live shows.   Since the release their EP in 2008, the band has gotten some pretty good press and acclaim. Really looking forward to seeing them and you should too.

Cuff The Duke
(Horseshoe Tavern 12:20am)

One of my favorite bands that I’ve been ready to see ever since their debut album Life Stories for Minimum Wage was released. I have been thoroughly impressed with their work. Their new release Way Down Here was co-produced by   Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo and their last few albums have been impressively emotional.

Saturday, March 12

Oh Tokyo! The Zoobombs (image courtesy of the band)

The Zoobombs
(Bait Shop 3:30 pm)

Oh Japan! Now composed of Don Matsuo (vocals/guitar), Matta (keyboards), and Moostop (bass), The Zoobombs were formed in 1994. The band has has quite a ride around the world, touring pretty much everywhere. I am exceed to see their brand of live punk-rock blues. Many critics have called   The Zoobomb one of the greatest live indie acts in the world. Well,   I for one don’t doubt it! Looking forward to the afternoon.

The Sadies
(The Mod Club, 7:30pm)

The Sadies are already are a well-established band in Canada who had a real break out. Their newest album out Dark Circles might be their best work to date, created with legendary Jayhawk producer Gary Louris. The Sadies reached popularity with their last album Country Club. Acclaimed by critics, The Sadies are known for bleeding psychedelic. Beware, The Sadies might rock you to your core.

Union City
(Comfort Zone   9:00 pm)

Union City have receive a lot of good press from Peterborough, Ontario’s the Wolf, the local radio station. I picked this band out of a hat and listened to   a few songs and they sound like something I might be interested in hearing. Looking forward to seeing them. I’ll tell you what happens.

Les Breastfeeders
El Moncambo 12:20 am

Quebec represent! Montreal bands are making a big splash across Canada in the music scene and Les Breastfeeders‘ Francophone mix of Kinks-style guitar and is getting great recognition, even from the English. Their popularity has risen since their first release Déjeuner sur l’herbe brought them popularity and acclaim in Quebec and their second album,   also released in France during the winter of 2007, brought them acclaim across the ocean.

Wild live show? You bet! Pustki (image courtesy of the band)

(Czehoski 2:20 am)

If you ever wanted to know what’s going on in the music scene in Poland these days you can now find out. Their live bands are known for being excessive, lively and sometimes frightening. This band in particular is known for their memorable live performances. They have, I would have to say, a pretty interesting and unique style influenced by synth pop and guitar rock.

To find out how to get to these shows and more, please check out the CMW venue list.

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