Corporate festivities all around

I hate this greeting card company created “holiday.” This is a day where my lackluster lack of lust is rubbed in my face. Repeatedly. The greeting card industry, the chocolate industry and the Flower industry all get rich off the backs of henpecked husbands, boyfriends and even children, everywhere.

I know it was yesterday but I can’t not at least acknowledge this corporate holiday, commemorating the ambush of businessmen whose business had been suddenly outlawed by police with many casualties on both sides.

I admit, I side with Capone on this one, even if I made up my mind according to the movies and television programs I’ve seen about it and whichever bias those programs may have had. I know that Al Capone was a liquor runner and a ruthless gangster. He was also a much misunderstood businessman in the liquor trade, which was soon outlawed.

Of course, prohibition didn’t work. Men like Al Capone and his ilk proved that. Neither does the “new prohibition,” which serves the current gangs with income by making illegal and well known various drugs that would otherwise not be in our current culture, in part because the thrill of breaking the law wouldn’t be there and largely because most people wouldn’t know these drugs even exist!

The truth is, before the 1930’s, when marijuana was first outlawed, very few people in North America had even ever heard of it. Hemp was known as a useful plant which could be used to make strong ropes and canvas. The cotton industry soon lobbied to have THAT competing fibre outlawed (prior to the outlawing of it, many farmers were REQUIRED to grow hemp for military use)!

Because of this, marijuana grew wild all over North America from seeds carried in the wind during the dustbowls, among other things. Corporate greed strikes at me again!

Then, there’s the Olympics. Cursed from the first as well it should be. The line of fire which of course shut out the homeless, the poor and all the small mom and pop businesses in the area in favour of the big corporate sponsors who tout the Olympics like it’s a GOOD thing!

What a load of crap! Encourage competitiveness in children so that those children who are weaker, remain so until they become infirmed and poor and go crazy trying to cope in a world they must struggle very hard to survive in.

And why don’t we go back to the original rules of the Olympics from ancient Greece? Those athletes should all be required to compete completely naked, without equipment if it is worn. Imagine downhill skiing competition like that! Or the Olympic Hockey tournaments! Yowch!

Also, there isn’t enough blood in Olympic sport anymore. No competitions between slaves and lions, or gladiators, or whatever else the ancient Romans made slaves fight.

All I’m saying is that figureskating would be a lot more popular among straight guys if it was a bloodsport to the death. I mean, come on, the skaters are already wearing blades…

Kidding aside, the I have no love for the Olympics on Valentine’s Day.*

*or any other day for that matter

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