Crhymes at NXNE

Toronto-based folk rock band with a punky ska edge, Crhymes, played a high-energy set at the Cameron House for NXNE.  Spirits were high onstage and off even though their set started at 1 a.m. on Wednesday night.  It was sweaty and intense and magical; the small back room was packed to the brim and the band was rockin’!  Crhymes is the brainchild of Sebastian Shinwell who acts as the band’s singer/guitarist for live shows, but who plays the majority of the instruments on his EP Our Surprises.  Live shows are complimented by extra guitars, bass and drums and a tenor saxophone which adds kickass fills and helps support the bass lines throughout.  They aim to have a new album out by the end of September, but in the interim you can check out Our Surprises on Bandcamp.  If you like art rock, you’ll really enjoy this trippy, energetic band.

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