Decent’s Dece as Fxck Album Debut

Local rapper and native Montréaler, Decent (@Dece_Af) debuted his album Dece as Fxck at a launch party hosted by Last Call Bar Creations on St. Laurent this past Tuesday evening. Although originally from the West Island, Decent spent several years abroad in England and Thailand. He’s now back in town and ready to take over the rap game with his natural talent for singing, rapping, and making beats.

Last Call Bar Creations

Last Call is spacious and well-lit. After receiving your ‘decent’ stamp at the door, you walk past several large camera lights set up for photos and some artists doing live paintings, and then into the main space with the stage dead ahead, a rack of Decent merch to your left, and Last Call’s bar to the right.

The ceilings are tall, and the room seems to be changing color with the light: blue, green, red, then blue again. Most people are having a drink and laughing with each other, some are dancing to the trap music being mixed by a DJ at the front of the room, as they wait for the show to start.

The room itself is so absorbing that when Decent jumps up on stage and starts singing without any warning, the transition almost goes unnoticed, but once he starts doing his thing he quickly commands complete attention of the room and the audience lets out a cheer.

Decent is comfortable on the stage, once or twice even stepping down into the center of the room, as well as stage-diving into the eager crowd of fans. His music is easy to dance to, and hard not to bounce to, and he knows it.

Check out Decent on instagram @dece_af, Apple Music, Youtube, or Spotify. Here’s a sample:

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