Dirty Gypsy Music: DGB, Vanwho and Pi and The Steady Swagger @ Griffintown Cafe

Come have a piece of the pi with some swagger on it, discover the beauty of Vanwho and get down and dirty with the DGB Thursday April 21st at the Griffintown Café.

Pi and The Steady Swagger are a trio from Montreal which started as a solo project by guitarist and lead vocalist PI, who made a name for himself being well received in bars and pubs across Quebec, France and Belgium. The band blends some folk rock, with a gypsy jazzy style and just a touch of some punk rock that keeps it fun and energized.

Their sound and songs vary from happy and fun to dark and heavy, reminding   me a bit of Les Colocs with the bouncy double bass, mixed with some old school punk rock. Pi’s rough and tough vocals just add to the fun. I would call it Quebec gypsy jazz rock. Definitely a   band to see if you’re into lively peppy performances and a bit of headbanging.

Vanwho (Vanoue Boivin Drolet) is a native french Quebecois   singer that has been writing music (French and English) since 2006; after opening for Marc-Etienne Mongrain in 2008 she has been traveling Quebec gaining recognition and for the past few months her songs have been playing at Club-Soda, L’Abreuvoir, and Le Lac St-Ciboire.

She has   soothingly tender yet strong vocals that are overlapped with soft picking and sweet strums, gives off a pleasant and satisfying sensation. Her demo song Your Way has that 90’s alternative sound to it, catchy and fun to sing along to, without all the dirty grunge.

The single Positivity is a step more towards the bright side leaving you high spirited. A catchy sound, pleasing vocals, in both English and French, Vanwho is a name we’ll be hearing a lot of. I’m definitely looking forward to this performance.

The DGB are a high energy Canadian Rock and roll band whose roots are highly distinguishable from 90’s grunge bands such as Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, 70’s Led zeppelin, the Who, and some stoner rock Soundgarden and Kyuss. DGB started with the Greer brothers in 2001 as an artsy more lyrically oriented project before taking on a new direction feeding their need for loud rock and roll and appreciation for pop. Their fifth album Victory Song was released in 2009. For those that like 90’s grunge sound with progression and feeling, DGB are sure to please.

Griffintown Café
1964, rue Notre-Dame O,
Free admission and good food
Show starts at 8:00 don’t be late!

Photos from band facebook pages and Griffintown cafe photo from tbarbieri.wordpress.com.

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