DID YOU GET THE MEMO? Phantogram tonight @ Il Motore @ 8:30PM

Phantogram is in town tonight. I’m sure you got the memo, maybe even your ticket. No? Well, no worries. I’m sure they’ll let you in, just leave your BYOB habits at home. So, tonight (Friday, December 10) Phantogram is playing at Il Motore. The show starts at 8:30PM, so be late, because we all know shows start about a half hour after their planned time. I’ll be there at 8:30PM ‘cause I’m a time management freak. Anyway, here are the goods on the band you’re going to see tonight…

Phantogram is an American electronic rock twosome from Saratoga Springs, NY. Josh Carter (guitar) and Sarah Barthel (vocals/keyboard) formed Phantogram out of sheer boredom and longing of something better to do with their splendid talents (and Phantogram is the perfect outcome of this decision). Their music style is describe as electronic rock (which is such a nice breath of fresh air from the over used “indie-insert-genre”), and you’ll surely see why they’re more rock than indie tonight.

They’re song, Mouthful of Diamonds, has been on replay for the past hour via their MySpace. I love lyrics in this song. Now, take those lyrics and pair it with Sarah’s vocals, plus the background of electronic beats, keyboardin’ and charming guitar, and you’ve got yourself that vein following music feel. It’s like a slick snake slithering around your feet (eek! but so awesome).

Originally called, Charlie Everywhere, they changed their name when they signed with BBE record label in January 2009, and it’s all been up hill from there (they’re now affiliated with various record labels including Indica Records here in Montreal). Their first self-titled EP was released on in May of 2009. In the same year they toured with the likes of Metric, The xx, Ra Ra Riot (who I love with all my heart) and Minus The Bear. They also performed at the SXSQ festival and Camp Bisco 8 (busy, busy, busy).

Now, as much as I love folk, indie-pop and basically   anything that has that Canadian-indie sound (you know which one I’m talking about), it’s always good to switch up the tunes you expose your ears too. Phantogram is great start for this (if you don’t already do this on a regular basis).   Check out their album Eyelid Movies (2009) or grab a quick preview here.

So, come out tonight, bring your glow sticks (if you want…) and best rocker boots. I’ll be the sober one, standing to the right side, staring at the band. And you, which one will you be?

Cool beans. See you tonight.

Phantogram, Bad Tits and Solar Year play tonight (December 10) @ Il Motore. Show starts @ 8PM. $12.00 av / $14.00 dr.

Image from: biguglyyellowcouch.com/post/2010/2/16/couch-session-phantogram.html

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