Different shades of Green

As the Earth passes through its Milankovitch cycles, so does the world of us social creatures and how we regard our home. Here are some recent media highlights that we hope are of interest to you.

Vancouver Olympics

Bronze Medal for the Olympics: David Suzuki Foundation

Have you been watching the 2010 Vancouver Olympics? The David Suzuki Foundation has and has awarded the landmark athletic games with a Bronze Medal for their environmental performance. Grist magazine gives the skinny on the green and brown of Vancouver and the Olympics.

Arrests have been made in Vancouver of those protesting the Olympics. Protesters are resisting the games based on the notion that it is being held on stolen Native land. To demystify these resistance efforts, please read this article, which was written before the protests began.

Some of the reasons that the Olympics are facing resistance include colonialism and fascism, ecological destruction, the impact on women, criminalization of the poor, public debt and corporate invasion.

Ethical Shopping

Last week marked the launching of a new on-line ethical business called Ethical Ocean.


“Ethical Ocean is an online ethical marketplace aiming to increase the awareness and consumption of ethical products and services in North America. Our goal is to transform the market by connecting buyers and sellers through one easily-navigated website that amasses every type of ethical product imaginable.”

For local ethical shopping, please visit your local environmental cooperative stores. The Coop la Maison Verte is located near Vendome metro and the Coop du Grand Orme is in Saint Anne de Bellevue.

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