Last Thursday in Photos: Doldrums, Technical Kidman & TOPS @ Casa

Last Thursday Montreal-based Doldrums headlined a sold out show at Casa Del Popolo to a crowd as enthusiastic as it was large. The project’s founder and sole member Eric Woodhead poured his soul into every moment of the performance, alternating between synth, keyboard, and echoy vocals.

Opening for Doldrums first was Technical Kidman—a synthy, energetic Montreal three-piece. Between the three guys on stage they managed to incorporate two singers, guitar, bass, drums, synth, and tambourine, dance the whole time, and still look like they were having more fun than the audience (in the best possible way).

The second opener, although originally on the lineup as David Carriere’s solo project Paula, ended up being his full band, TOPS, plus special guest Sean Nicholas Savage on guitar and occasional vocals. I would say this very pleasant surprise was only the cherry on top of a fantastic evening. Enjoy some photos from the night!


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