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Forget The Box is a Montreal-based media collective that covers politics, arts, and culture in a fun and zesty op-ed style. We mainly produce written and visual articles and recently launched a bi-weekly podcast.

Our site is like a conversation at a party and we need your help to keep the party going.

The plan is to boost our coverage locally here in Montreal and expand to other communities using the following model:

  1. Increase the number of contributors (reporters, photographers, editors) and pay them.
  2. Cover a wider range of underreported stories and shine the spotlight on hidden gems.
  3. Act as an alternative learning environment for aspiring journalists.

We’ve published over 3000 articles since 2009, with our contributors and editors working voluntarily. That’s already a great number, but imagine upping that by 500%.

So here’s why you should invest in Forget The Box:

  1. We want to boost progressive voices in media.
  2. We care about our own backyard. Not enough independent local news going around.
  3. We draw the line between marketing and editorial content.

We have all sorts of fun rewards to give back to our new friends who want to help out.

So join us and help us make a difference! Want to know more details? Read the full story!