Grassroots Media at $15 an Hour

FTB’s budget for one year is based on the principle that everybody involved, be they the Editor-in-Chief or a brand new writer, should be compensated at the same rate, $15/hr.

From experience, we know that having set hours, in most cases, will not work as so much of what we do is done five minutes here, an hour there, and so on and also frequently done in between other tasks. Therefore, the hours per week in the job description is what the team member should be shooting for.

If they end up doing fewer hours than planned one week, they should strive to do more than planned the next and vice versa. Pay is not based on a punched clock but on the pre-arranged amount per month equivalent to $15 for every hour their job description says they will work.

Content: $65 700

5 Core Writers (2 News, 2 Arts, 1 Life) @ 5 hrs/week = $19 500
Core news and life writers would either produce one larger opinion piece and a few smaller current articles (which, of course, could still be slanted by their opinion) or just current articles. Core arts writers would produce either two main pieces a week (interview, show review) or one main piece and contribute to Shows This Week (arts includes music). It is possible for core writers to contribute to different sections.

110 Individual Articles @ 2 hrs/article = $3300
While we are trying to avoid the freelance approach, some, including longstanding writers, may not be able to commit to more than one large piece a week, as such, we are approximating the time spent on an article to be two hours and paying accordingly.

2 Photographers @ 5 hrs/week = $7800
Photographers shoot shows and news events and also produce original staged images to support our articles. They are responsible for doing the initial photo editing and presenting our photo editor with options.

3 Editors (News, Arts, Photo) @ 10 hrs/week = $23 400
Editors manage their respective teams, edit their work and prepare it for publication. They also contribute their own work (written or photographic). They meet once a week in person (or via Skype if truly not possible) with the other editors, the Editor-in-Chief and the Managing Editor. The news and arts editors share responsibility for the Life section with the EiC.

3 Podcast Team Members (Audio Producer, Video Producer, PA) @ 5 hrs/week = $11 700
The audio and video producers are responsible for preparing and recording a complete live audio and video podcast every two weeks in conjunction with the host/executive producer. The PA is responsible for assisting with both versions, preparing the reports that run during the podcast, guest coordination in conjunction with the host/executive producer and uploading full episodes and smaller standalone clips.

Admin: $19 500

Editor-in-Chief @ 12.5 hrs/week = $9750
The Editor-in-Chief, who also serves as host and executive producer of the podcast, is ultimately responsible for all written, photo, audio and video content produced on the site. The EiC works with the editors and podcast team to ensure that we are covering relevant topics and adhering to our mandate. The EiC contributes at least one major article a week as well as smaller articles when needed and fills in whenever something is lacking content-wise. The EiC is also responsible for upkeep of FTB’s WordPress install and teaching new contributors and editors how to use it.

Managing Editor @ 12.5 hrs/week = $9750
The Managing Editor is responsible for overall organization and specifically in charge of everything that is not site content. This includes social media strategy and implementation, finance (accounting), promotion, advertising. The Managing Editor is also responsible for recruitment campaigns and attends the editorial meeting primarily to plan Facebook boosts based on upcoming content. This position can be separated into smaller roles each with fewer hours if necessary.

Expenses: $2010

Web Hosting (VPN) $65/month x 12 months = $780

Facebook Ads at $40/month x 12 months = $480

Equipment for a live video podcast: $750 one time = $750

Miscellaneous: $2790

This is primarily to compensate those who helped out in the crowdfunding process and to repay expenses fronted prior to and during the crowdfunding rollout including artwork and venue rental fees. It is also to be used to cover unforeseen expenses during the year.

TOTAL: $90 000