Why Support FTB?

15000 visitors a month. 3000 articles and counting. 9 years serving the community. That’s our track record. And we’d love you to be part of our future success.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you’re hoping for a bright future that is peaceful, environmentally clean, with greater equality in society. If so, then we have a lot in common. Forget The Box’s goal is to strengthen progressive voices on both local and global media stages, to make sure you have a voice, and that your concerns are being expressed.

In an ideal world, where fairness takes center stage, different points of view would be available in the media addressing the concerns of all citizens. But with corporate downsizing and advertising influence, you know this is not always the case, leading to a short supply of well written independent news articles.

However, like many nonprofit organizations, FTB is suffering from lack of money to the point that our article output is limited, but we have a plan and you can help remedy that.


  1. Over the years, we’ve had reporters, photographers and editors contribute to our site on a volunteer basis. With their help, we’ve published thousands of articles over the years. With a volunteer strategy, we have reached a plateau. To increase local coverage we must switch our focus to a paid strategy. This would attract many more contributors and would also reward our current crew for their hard work.
  2. We know that we’ve made a positive impact in people’s lives from the feedback we have received over the years. We’ve made the extra effort to report on stories that are unreported in mainstream media. With the strength from a paid workforce, we can expand our reach and shine our light on many more stories that need to be heard, that will elevate our social consciousness. We will cover up and coming local artists that need help that other sites don’t have the time for and conduct interviews with politicians, activists, and ordinary people on issues that affect you directly that just don’t get coverage on the big media conglomerates.
  3. Aspiring journalists who are studying and learning their craft need to practice and learn the tools of the trade. Compared to profit oriented blogs that focus on fluff content or big name media giants where many important stories are left aside, FTB offers a learning environment that teaches young journalists how to work with deadlines, work well with editors, satisfy the needs of the audience, and belong to a community they believe in. Forget The Box is proud to offer all these possibilities.

So here’s why you should invest in Forget The Box:

  1. It seems nowadays the media is filled to the brim with either corporate sponsored news or right wing propaganda masquerading as independent journalism. Yet there are so many of us to who lean progressive. To effect change in our society, we must make ourselves heard. By contributing to FTB, you will be taking concrete action to ensure progressive voices are heard in the media.
  2. Even more rare is local news that represents our local interests and desires for the future. So many things are happening in our own backyard, yet these stories get swept under the rug by media giants who are more focused on pleasing their corporate owners and advertisers than offering us pertinent news that we need to know about. With your help, FTB can elevate and strengthen its current local coverage to have more breadth, frequency, and variety.
  3. As corporations get a stronger foothold into media and develop more sophisticated methods of influence, we have in recent years, seen the erosion of good journalism for its own sake. Instead, marketing content disguised as genuine news runs rampant among media giants and smaller sites alike. FTB makes sure to distinguish marketing content from true editorial and label it as such. This way, readers can trust that they are getting real editorial content that keeps them informed, entertained and engaged. Contributing to FTB also sends a signal to other news organizations that authentic news can be profitable and responsible.