Eduardo’s Fine Italian Cuisine

At Eduardo’s, you’ll feast on a ginormous plate of pasta for about the same price as a fast food meal. Keeping expectations in check it is a $10 meal after all this is a great choice when you want to have the experience of going out but don’t actually want to pay for eating out.

On my way to the restaurant, which is located just east of St Denis on Duluth, I popped in at the SAQ and picked up an Italian ‘[white] house wine’ did I mention that Eduardo’s is BYOW? On my way out I noticed a neat brochure suggesting wine pairings for various Italian dishes. After browsing their decidedly fancier options, I felt happy with my humble selection, which I felt was much closer to what you would get in any small village in Italy: a lovely unpretentious wine that costs less than bottled water. Fontana Morella Cerveteri, a liter for $8.80 offers you a light, fruity, pleasant wine, perfect to match a low key meal.

Eduardo’s is divided in to two rooms. When I arrived it seemed like the room to the right was for either mellow peeps or couples; my friends were of course sitting in the room to the left, where noise and laughter filled the space. It turned out to be a girls-night, which was perfectly complimented by copious amounts of wine and carbo-loading.

The appetizers were rather meh the escargot were under-salted and the calamari were pretty chewy. The pasta dishes on the other hand were great (again, keeping in mind what you’re paying for it). I vaguely recall that they used to offer half portions, and I wished they still did. I intended to share a lasagna dish and pasta bolognese with a friend. Unfortunately, I think we had a little too much of that house wine and were too engrossed in conversation so that she ended up feasting on the bolognese while I finished the lasagna. Unfortunately each dish would be enough to fill two people; I’m impressed we both cleaned our plates. Again, the wine and chatter kept me too distracted, and I didn’t get to try the other dishes I know two other friends shared the steak and shrimp, and there was a third pasta dish; the general consensus was that it was good cheap comfort food.

I somehow managed to make room to try their tiramisu. Once again, I’ll blame the wine I don’t know how else I could have eaten more food. The tiramisu cake was ok, but easily skippable (which sane sober people would do after that much pasta…). All in all, it was a really fun night. We once again closed down the place, which I think is pretty badass for a Wednesday night.

Photos by Andrea Merlano

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  • I live on Duluth and for some reason only noticed this place the other day, I want to give it a go. Thx for the review!

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