Endast at Madhatters is a match made in Asgard!

Yes, I am follower of Endast. If Endast was a religion (I don’t know if they applied for such status) I would believe in them. If I had faith, I would pray to them. It doesn’t seem like I’d be the only one considering their cult-like following. So let’s all say it together: All hail the Montreal lords of metal!

Endast at Madhatters

The very loyal and devout cult of Endast were on hand at Madhatters this past Monday, and they would witness a great performance. The Endast set was, at times, extremely melodic, accompanied by some fast and furious rifts from Pepe Poliquin and Chris Arsenian. Ryan Miller’s bass a and Blair Youngblut’s drums gave an intense thundering effect, amplified when James Arsenian’s powerful vocals entered the songs; the effect was so good it felt like debris falling from the sky.

James Arsenian

Endast drove most of the crowd into a frenzy. If I said it once I’ll say it again: never bring a full pint of been into an Endast mosh pit, you will lose a third of it! But it’s okay I had a sad burger afterward and felt better.

Although they will cause blood, sweat and tears from their audience members, Endast are a great group of guys, some of the hardest working and down to earth metal musicians coming   out Montreal thriving metal scene these days.

They played some of their older material and some powerful movements from their last album Black Cloud which this neophyte had recently become familiar with, thank you metal friends!

The opening set, by a band called We the Undersigned, played trippy tranquil rifts stitched with very heavy, rough and fast bass and drum, accompanied by some great singing; I found We the Undersigned to be terrifyingly enjoyable. Props to them as they embark on tour!

Pepe Pouliquin

Being at Madhatters was strange, the last time I was there the shooter girl drank me under the table. Also I experienced whatever the opposite of déjà vu is, by being in a replica of the last Madhatters but in a completely different location. In all its reincarnations, I’d have to say this version is the most unique because of its new second floor venue.

Four locations later – to my surprise, Madhatters intimate second floor turned out to be an excellent place for live music. I would definitely go back to see another show. Here’s to more performances at Hatters! As well here’s to more metal, like Endast at Madhatters, praise the lords!

Check out Endast on Myspace.

Watch their music video for Pray for Rain.

Photography Courtesy of Lawrence Tenenbaum

Madhatters photo courtesy of Canpages.ca

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