Everything old is new again

…And then the magmic intrusion suddenly became active again, forming a large crater at its crown with sudden rivers of fire flowing down the sides of the mountain, destroying the park and the populated city around it.

Hot stuff! A magmic intrusion into sedimentary rock, forming a mountain, indeed, a whole archipelago within the enormous river. Upon this island grew thick, lush forests of both deciduous hardwoods and coniferous softwoods. There are numerous assorted creatures living in this forest.

Soon, an Ice age comes over this island and many creatures perish, but many new creatures are born and evolve around it. The ice age ends, the forest re-grows, although winters are harsh and very cold.

After a little while the first native people come to settle a small village on this island. The village grows until it becomes a bustling city of five hundred thousand people. There are longhouses here and soon tailor’s shops and tanneries and butcher shops and hunting grounds and livery stables, along with hospitals and cemeteries and other things one finds in a city at this point in time.

However, nature is an important thing, as it can master one’s existence. One must respect the land and the livelihood that the land brings, while keeping careful to make sure that one can survive in the weather.

And then the new immigrants come from Europe. Actually, they’re colonists who bring strange customs and devilish practices to this island. They bring alcohol and guns and Catholicism.

They soon conquer the city and decimate it’s population, using a combination of murder and germ warfare, in part because they bring many foreign diseases with them. As they conquer, they also expand the city for themselves, eventually taking up the entire island and much of its surrounding areas.

After a while, the infestation of these new immigrants has effectively taken over the land. Mass murderers are hailed as heroes and rapists are sent by the kings of the foreign countries in Europe that these immigrants came from.

It is many generations later. The natives have been subjected to all manner of torture, destruction and subversion, along with many torturous methods employed in an attempt to assimilate them.

The new government is modeled after the European examples of the immigrants’ homelands. Whole nations have been assimilated or carved up, according to the people in charge in Europe, with no regard to the nations throughout the land previously.

The descendants of these people do perhaps feel a little guilty, but as they’ve never known any other home, the feeling isn’t that bad. There are descendants on the native side too, most of whom now are forced to live off of the island, in a small area reserved for them.

Those that leave the reserve often find themselves homeless, helpless, raped, pimped, murdered, or any combination thereof. The small reserve is repeatedly encroached upon by these Europeans and their descendants, forcing the natives into ever smaller conditions.

Then somebody decides they want to build a golf course.

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