Expand your Sexual Repertoire with a Workshop

Understanding how to fulfill your deepest sexual desires can seem intimidating yet undeniably intriguing. It begins with getting to know your own body and figuring out what gets you going. This exploration can be even more fun with a partner, especially one with whom you share a level of intimacy that makes asking questions and giving sexy suggestion possible.

Local sex shop Joy Toyz is offering a diverse series of workshops this month aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about certain aspects of their sexuality.   The best part of the workshops is they take place in a comfortable and casual atmosphere, offering a mix of hands-on experience and time to ask questions. As Phuong from Joy Toyz noted, “you can get information from the web or from a book, but nothing beats the hands-on approach. You never know what you can learn!”

If you’re interested in incorporating kink and BDSM play into your relationship, try Countess Alura’s workshop on Wednesday November 9th. She’ll cover everything from the importance of communication and consent to fun with flogging. This workshop will focus more on the private exploration of kink for couples as opposed to BDSM for play parties.

I myself was most intrigued by the workshop taking place on Thursday November 10th called The Art of Pleasing Your Man Blowjobs, Handjobs and P-Spot. While I consider myself to be rather skilled in this department, a girl could always use a few extra tricks up her sleeve. Debunking the notion that it’s all about the penis, this workshop promises a lighthearted environment with plenty of hands-on schooling in the art of fellatio and happy endings. Don’t fret frenulum no one’s forgotten about you!

This workshop (along with all the others, aside from the kink one) is being facilitated by Natasha, who has six years of experience as a Joy Toyz sexpert. Her open minded upbringing, 26+ years of field experience and sense of humour give the workshops a casual, funny and informative tone. To learn more about her, visit her website.

And how could you even consider having an “Art of Pleasuring Your Man” workshop without exploring the other side of the coin. In The Art of Pleasuring a Woman G-Spot and Cunnilingus, Natasha will offer an anonymous Q&A for those who have seemingly embarrassing or personal questions. This workshop will also cover the best positions and toys to stimulate the G-spot, as well as the art of female ejaculation. This workshop takes place on Thursday November 17th.

Speaking of toys, incorporating them into the boudoir can bring a level of unsurpassed buzzed out bliss. On Friday November 11th, Natasha will be hosting a Discover Sex Toys 101 workshop that covers toys for beginners, the best toys for couples, what lube to use with what toys and more.

The final workshop in the series is a topic that many are thinking about and have questions regarding. As Phuong notes, “they may deny it, but they know they are curious about it.” That’s right, we’re talking about anal play. This is one of Joy Toyz’s most popular workshops since there are not a lot of opportunities to learn the facts and dispel the myths on this taboo topic. The Intro to Anal Play workshop focuses on loosening up, the importance of lube and which toys are best for anal stimulation.  It occurs on Thursday November 24th.

All workshops are bilingual and start at 7:00pm, other than the kink workshop, which begins at 8:30. Anyone is welcome to attend any of the workshops! They all take place at the Joy Toyz store, located at 4200 St. Laurent, suite 415 (corner of Rachel). You need to reserve your spot at least 24 hours before attending, so if you’re interested send an email to Phuong at info@joytoyz.com.

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