Falling for Foals

Foals // Cabaret Juste pour rire // September 28, 2010

Believe it or not, love still exists (crazy, I know) and that word pretty much sums up how I feel about Foals. I’m usually not one to do a review about a band who’s pretty well-known (if you don’t know them, you should really get on that), but, I do make exceptions for bands that I am utterly smitten with literally, I have the biggest music crush on this band and want them in my room 24/7 with a clothing optional rule.

It’s no secret to my Facebook wall (and now to you) that I adore British bands. My uncle, who is probably the biggest music buff I’ve ever met, introduced me to a lot of these heartbreakers and now I share this love like it’s Australia’s answer to the 10 year drought they’ve had (did you know that? They can only shower for like two minutes or something? ). Foals are not from Australia, but I’m sure they’d look good on the beach.

Anyway, I’ve openly admitted this to close friends and repeatedly stated that, yes I am in love and will remain in love with this band named Foals because I love neo-indie-brit music as much as I love dark-haired-tattooed-bearded men-who-play-in-bands. But, enough about my dating preference (that topic could get ugly), here are the goods…

Remember when people use to crowd surf? Remember when you use to see those super nerdy kids jumping on stage in hopes of drinking the sweat off the band members? Remember when band members climbed up stages to play guitar in front of the audience above the crowd? Remember all those things and times it by 10.7. Yes, that’s right – someone was trying to drink their sweat (pretty sure that’s part of the merch anyway).

Technically the show was at Cabaret Juste pour rire. When I say technically, I mean it was, but at some point during the show it was turned into a jungle gym (thanks to Yannis Philippakis, the lead singer, sweet acrobatic moves), I got to be one of those lucky people standing at the top of the monkey bars (or to some the Cabaret’s balcony) as Yannis climbed up, guitar in hand, to perform in front of exactly where I was standing. Everyone seemed to be blown away. As I looked around I began to realize we were all wetting our pants…hot and mildly sticky.

BUT that’s not the point. The point is the dude actually considered the fact that,yes, we monkey bar audience members may not be getting the best view and he was going to do something about that. I always wonder what musicians are thinking when they pull crazy stunts like that, seriously, he could have been hurt and I would have had to offer to drive him to the hospital on my bike and a spot in my bed (you know how hard it is to get hospital beds these days).

Foals can be cartoons too

Anyway, before all this oh-so-pleasing-foals-enchantment happened (because of the incredibleness that is Foals), I happened to look down at the crowd and realized they were forming an indie moshpit (not too aggressive, but yet, still moshy) and people were crowding surfing. It was super fucking cool. Like I’ve said 100 million times over, people just don’t seem to dance. Well, I feel like this is slowly fading away (thank god, did someone write a letter to the hipster king or something? Maybe they just burned him). Seeing everyone in that entire venue into the music truly made you think and believe that, the old shitty too-cool-for-school attitude has been buried alive (thank you Foals, amongst many other artist, you are now on my Christmas card list).

In the middle of all this greatness was that nerdy kid I was telling you about (who is my favourite by the way) who repeatedly climbed up on the stage with his tongue sticking out in hopes of licking the sweat (ok, maybe I made that last part up).   Either way, that fact that he had enough guts to do it gives him a gold sticker in my books, next to the gold sticker I gave Foals. Honestly though, it kind of interrupts the show and caused a distraction (maybe I should take the sticker back).

On a last note, I feel like everyone wants a piece of this band and I have a feeling that they’re okay with it and can handle it – which is another super cool band trait. Someone once told me about an interview they did with Foals and how the band was “very humble” and “good with their interviews.” That’s a pretty nice comment, usually I would just say they’re hot sexy pieces of musical wonderfulness, but that’s just my professional opinion (professional is a questionable word in this case). Either way, it’s true, Foals are pretty awesome and we all know it. I don’t even feel this article truly does them justice, maybe the audience, but not Foals…they are just brilliant.

If you missed Foals singing Cassius, Balloons and Spanish Sahara and every other fantastic song they’ve ever made, make sure you sell your body for a ticket the next time they come around (or buy it like those regular people…boring). Just promise to be there, one way or another (or get their albums Antidotes & Total Life Forever).

Here’s my favourite Foals song and the one they opened with, enjoy.

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