Farewell, Lost Cities

Toronto post-hardcore band Lost Cities, who have amassed an impressive following given that they have only released one EP and one LP, are disbanding after many years.

The announcement came as a shock to their many loyal fans and followers, especially since they just released their full-length record in December.  They played an intense farewell show at the Smiling Buddha in Toronto, performing to an over-capacity crowd.


The show was emotional, not only because we’re losing a truly unique and impressive band, but because these guys have been best friends since high school and though the reason for the breakup is simply that their drummer is moving to California, it’s hard to imagine that Lost Cities will exist no longer.  In a touching tribute to the original line-up, the guys invited their original bass player who had left the band last year up for a few songs.

The silver lining that brightens our spirits is that four of the members have already formed a new project and are busy writing new material that’s in a similar vein, but heavier still.  Stay tuned for news on that.

In the meantime, do yourself a favour and head over to Bandcamp where you can download their new record, Still  for only $5 (or, name your price). And, read the lyrics. Wow. We Don’t Get To Choose is an extra track released in January and not found on Still, which seems a heartfelt and difficult goodbye to the band and also their fans.

DSC08832_1We Don’t Get To Choose

There was no right way to let go
But I did the best I could
Telling you the things
I thought that I’d want to hear
And watched as you shook

Everything’s immediate
And all of it to waste
We’ve swallowed up sincerity
To save for the greats

Hold on
The line is so defined
I’ve got too many questions
I’ve got too many words
But not enough time

Hold on
This can’t have been enough for you
But we don’t get to choose

Please don’t forget me

Heavy stuff.  Farewell, Lost Cities.  Can’t wait to see what the new formation brings.

Top two photos by Andrew Schwab and the last by Devon Stewart

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