Fine Me! part 2

Well, the city went and done it! They fined me for leaving my car parked legally in a parking space, except for a half-hour period clearly marked on a well hidden sign. They got me and it’s a no-win situation.

It’s going to cost me a whole day’s pay at least, probably more. The city instituted this half-hour ban on parking simply to capitalize on unsuspecting Montrealers and to rob them of hard earned wages.

As I said before, this is a no-win situation for me. If I fight the ticket and win, I lose a day’s wages because I went to court instead of working that day. Besides, I’m guilty of not seeing that well-hidden sign, hurrying back to my car in time and moving it somewhere else.

This city is a pain in the arse!

Of course, the ticket was in French only I have nothing at all against francophones and count some of them as my closest friends, however, the city should issue bilingual tickets. Of course, I’ve never heard of the city hiring an Anglophone worker, apart from those actually elected into power and even then it’s somewhat rare. The provincial and federal governments in Montreal are no better.

It seems to me that city politicians, the Parking Authority and Mayor Gerald Tremblay are sitting in their overpriced ivory tower making too much money at the expense of the taxpayers, so naturally he wants people to leave this city. This ticket and fine tells me that this city doesn’t want me. Maybe I should leave town and nuke it behind me!

No, this isn’t surprising. This city hires only the best second-generation stalkers, thieves, slackers and shirkers in town. If it’s not someone who inherited the job, then, guaranteed it’s an illegal immigrant who is running from the law in his own country.

Of course, there’s a reason why potholes don’t get filled in until someone sues the city to repair his broken axle. There’s a reason why city workers usually just lean on their shovels or stop in a nearby bar instead of actually working, most of the time and when they do work, it’s usually in a half-assed at best manner.

Ok. That’s just emotion talking. The fact is that the ticket was issued by a computer, an “infallible” computer that lets nobody get away with anything: a tenth of a kilometer over the speed limit? Fine! The city is turning into Big Brother from 1984!

DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER! Repeated several times. At least there aren’t any thought police in this town… yet.

The municipal government is robbing the populace, as is the provincial government and so is the federal government. Some provincial government officials want to separate so that they can increase their taxation and of course run tyrannical over a population of peasantry and they also hate North American culture, despite being in North America.

But as Conan O’Brien once had the audacity to say what everyone had been thinking for decades, “This is North America. Learn the language.”

We don’t vote for anyone anymore. We vote for the lesser of two evils. This city is tyrannically run and the tyrant knows this. Perhaps it’s not worth wasting your time with voting.

Of course, you don’t want the other party getting in, they’ve got a much worse reputation. All other parties are shut out, bought off, muscled out, or never had a hope in Hell in the first place. If someone becomes a real threat, it’s usually “Meet the new Boss, Same as the old Boss.”

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