Fine me!

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t pop those little pills I’ve been told about, the ones I see people all around me popping all the time.   How many times have I heard voices, seen illusions and people and things that weren’t there?   Only until I turn off the TV or I wake up.

Of course I’m paranoid. There are a lot of things in the news to be paranoid about.   For example, the city really is out get its citizens and fine them, frustrate them and anger them.   If you don’t believe me, try parking in a “Permit Zone” without a permit.

There are problems parking in the city and city halls everywhere are well funded from this source of revenue.   Photo Radar makes sure car owners get their fines in the mail without a policeman ever pulling anyone over.   Even Hospitals charge exorbitant rates for parking and in some places for everything else, too.

Okay, smartass, what if you don’t drive?   Well, you can be severely fined for jaywalking in some cities, even simply for standing on the street.   Sometimes there is no sidewalk to stand on.   You can be fined for not crossing the street fast enough, or for not crossing the street at all.

You can be charged with trespassing through a public area.   You can be fined for taking a whiz where there is no toilet facility available, or only available at a cost, especially if you’re broke or just don’t want to obscenely spend money on going to the toilet or using tap water.   Yes, it’s obscene to pay for water, but I already ranted about that one.

The real reason to be paranoid about “them” (whomever they are) is simply that they’re all out to get you in some way, usually to hit you up for your hard-earned money if you’re able to keep a job in this ludicrous economic era.   It seems that charities always ask you for donations and can be far more annoying than the bum who simply begs for change, gets uppity and persistent and threatening if you refuse to give any, but tells all their bum friends if you do give and the next thing you know, you’re swarmed by the great unwashed, all of them demanding change and cigarettes.

There is reason to be paranoid.   Everyone is out to get you, except if you retaliate, if you defend yourself, if you even flinch when they punch you hard in the gut, you’re in for a far worse time of it all.   Hmmm… Almost makes suicide look like an option, possibly with a side of mass homicide for a dish of vengeance – okay, that is perhaps the plot to a whole bunch of bad movies from Hollywood and elsewhere.

On second thought, we’re doing a good job of destroying ourselves, but we’re doing it a bit too slowly.   We really ought to create cataclysmic events for our planet.   Let the great Tiamat be cleft once more!

They say that all of this will go away if you take these pills… these pills seem sisister now and after all, I used to know some people who were on various pills, until those pills killed them!

More about the deadly acts of the pharmeceutical industry in an upcoming rant which I haven’t written yet.

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  • LoL. It’s true, the pills are supposed to make the world appear rosey, and horrible situations like getting mugged at 3am, laughable. And you know what? I heard they work.

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