Forget The Box Media

Forget the Box is an independent media collective that strives to change the media paradigm from one of labels and borders to one of thoughts and ideas. We challenge our audience by pursuing current, unconventional and edgy concepts through an engaging online medium. (read more about our group)

Domains owned and operated by FTB: is our primary domain and host of the majority of our content. It opens with the latest posts from our online magazine and web video section. It updates 2-3 times a day with new and original content from our writers and video producers. is a direct link to our video section featuring original content from FTB studios as well as our creative partners and some of our favourite videos from around the web is the in-character ‘unofficial fansite’ promoting JC Sunshine’s Fireside Chat, an original FTB video series. is a direct link to our site’s film section, updating weekly (sometimes more) and currently hosting over 2 years of content. is a website dedicated to combating the Harper Government and protesting the direction the conservative government is steering Canada towards. is a website dedicated to original works of art, short fiction, poetry and the like.