Forgetting the box in public

Even though our TV channel only launches officially at the beginning of August, members of the Forget The Box Media Collective decided to get the party started early with a fundraiser concert last Saturday.   It was an opportunity to raise a bit of much-needed cash for the channel, hear some local musical artists in varying styles perform and finish off the first season of JC Sunshine’s Fireside Chat.

We started off the evening with the JC Sunshine season finale hosted live with JC and Rex the dog on the stage of Les 3 Minots on St-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.   Technical assistant Ricardo, who’s never seen on camera, worked the controls and interacted with JC from offstage.

Rather than present the show to the people in attendance as a finished and produced product, we brought them behind the scenes with us and invited them to play the studio audience (applause signs and all).   They got to see the inner workings of our web-TV show and essentially became part of the team for an evening.

When online viewers were watching pre-recorded comedy bits (the “Telethon of Sars”), the people in attendance were treated to on mic technical discussions, explanations of what was happening, the odd tech glitch (they happen) and even a few improvised renditions of what the online viewers were watching, then “back live in 5-4-3-2-1 cue applause.”

As the show continued, JC interviewed some of the night’s musical guests, taking questions from the internet chat as always and from people in attendance as well.   After Sunshine went off the air for the season, the live concert, which we also streamed on the web channel, began.

The night saw performances by Roni on the GameBoy, the duo of Mussaver and Mamatschi, keyboards, drums and cello trio Darling Ghost and recently-signed soulful tri-lingual electronica artist Mona Mossé.   Some of these shows will show up in our channel’s video loop and on-demand menu very soon, along with the final edited version of the JC Sunshine season finale, so you’ll have more to watch on Forget The Box TV in the months leading up to the official launch.

If you’d like to add to that content with your own videos or shows, or for that matter, add to what we’re doing here on the blog, now’s your chance to get involved.   Forget The Box Media is looking for people, so you can contact us and get involved.

Photos by Stephanie Laughlin, you can see more of them here

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