Single Black Female – Fringe Festival

At the Montreal Fringe Festival every year there is a wide variety of shows, from comedy to theatre to music. But something I haven’t seen much of in the festival previously is ethnic diversity. That is why I was interested in seeing Single Black Female, a two woman show of comic vignettes exploring life for the modern black female.

While the show explores the problems of black females there are plenty of themes that apply to women of any race. When a woman reaches her thirties and is still single, there is enormous pressure from society and family to settle down. One can’t help but reflect back and ask themselves have I been too picky and let the love of my life pass me by? Will I ever really find “the one?” Is getting married even what I want, or what I’ve been programmed to think I want?

Written by Lisa B. Thompson, Single Black Female has been performed all over the states including off-broadway. The show stars Gara Nlandu and Letitia Brookes (who also directed it).  These two ladies are extremely smart, talented performers who have a perfect mix of self-deprecation and comedy and kept me laughing throughout.

I don’t know if the show would appeal much to a male audience. In fact the major flaw in the production is that while these ladies fiercely state that they are strong independent women they spend the whole show taking about men. But as a woman I found it a amusing look at modern dating and encourage any ladies out there interested in theatre to make sure they make it a part of their Fringe 2013 line up.

Single Black Female runs until June 23rd. For tickets and showtimes visit the Montreal Fringe Festival website.

 *photo Tom Kenney, The Gazette

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