FRINGE 2015: Trantasy

Tranna Wintour knows how to command an audience. In her new show Trantasy, this Trans stand up comedienne has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand from the moment she walks out onto the stage.

Like any great diva the audience clearly loves her, and she loves them right back. With hugs and winks and calling people “baby” this performer seems nothing like a certain Vogue editor in New York City.

Instead of a stone-cold fashion bitch, Tranna is instead a witty glamour girl with the party dresses and perfectly coiffed nails to prove it. She’s also an unabashedly proud queer who loves sex, music and toying with straight boys online. Over the course of 60 minutes Tranna shares some of her most amusing and filthy stories of trying to find love and fame when you’re a pretty lady with a penis.

Whether you’re gay or straight, Tranna delivers plenty of raunchy jokes to fit your appetite. Some of the funniest moments in the show include Tranna riffing on old classics; after all who wouldn’t want to hear a parody of one of Streisand’s greatest hits entitled You don’t send me dickpics anymore?

After successful shows in Montreal, New York and now a CULT Mtl cover, it’s only a matter of time before Tranna Wintour becomes a superstar in her own right. So make sure to check her out while you can still afford to!

* Trantasy runs at the Wiggle Room until June 21, for tickets and info, consult the Montreal Fringe website

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