Frustrations caused by the computer

This is ridiculous.   I’m paying for a high-speed internet connection from my local cable company, but the internet access is extremely slow.   I called up the provider and they said it was running normally from their end.   I can’t even watch a streaming video without it jarring too many times.   WTF!?

I get so frustrated every time I turn on the computer now despite the fact that I had the same computer and the same service from the same provider at my previous address.   So why is my internet suddenly abnormally slow?   Is it because I now use a router?   I’m told not.   I’m told that in my new area traffic is simply much higher.   I find this difficult to believe, seeing as I moved from downtown to the suburbs.

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It will run at a normal speed for a short time, occasionally, usually very late at night, but it becomes unpredictable.   So why is my internet speed so unstable or ridiculously slow?   I use a cable high-speed system, at least that’s what the company calls it.   I strongly suspect that this cable company is selling me very low speed and charging me for high speed.   I suspect it, but I don’t think I can prove it.   The cable company insists that it’s my computer, but I know that whenever I plug my computer into another high-speed internet, it runs as it’s supposed to.

Frustration breeds further frustration and leads to heart attacks and strokes.   This means that by stressing people out with ludicrously slow service (if you can even call it that!) and claiming it is high speed, ISPs are guilty of murder and manslaughter and all sorts of horrible, nasty, ugly things!

They call me from time to time to tell me they’re fixing the lines, so I might experience an interruption in service.   When this happens, usually it works properly for the first hour or so after it comes back online, only to revert back to extra-slow again!   As I said, This is ridiculous!

Then, there’s the software problems that seem to pop up whenever there’s a deadline.   Why is it that when I need to get something done on time, my settings suddenly seem to change by themselves at random?   And why do certain programs seem to constantly misbehave, but only when you’re in a rush? It doesn’t make sense!

There are times when I just want to rip this thing out by the wires and then throw it out the window —without opening the window first!!   This seems especially true when I’m at work or in a classroom, or on a computer that belongs to someone else.   At least I don’t usually seem to have that kind of problem with my computer… except, of course, when I do!

Sometimes I get frustrated when my computer seems to ignore certain commands or the program suddenly stops responding.   I need to use the “Three Finger Salute” (Ctrl-Alt-Del on a PC or Command-Option-Esc on a Mac) a little too often.

Forcing an application to quit, suddenly resetting or switching a computer on and off suddenly is not good for the power supply transformer and I’ve blown two of them on computers I’ve had in the past.   Is it so much to ask that my computer and internet work properly and instantaneously on a constant, stable basis?

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