FTB fall preview

Now that the leaves are starting to turn and the weather’s getting a bit cooler…or in Montreal, we have a heat wave, then a chilly day followed by another mini scorcher and next an intense lightning storm…anyway…it’s starting to feel like fall.

Like any good media entity, Forget The Box is turning over a new proverbial leaf for the Fall 2010 season and new things are on the way.

Music and Arts: Thanks to music journalist, fan and tambourine player (just don’t call her a hipster) Cassie Doubleday and her team, we’ve reinvigorated our music coverage and brought We Heart Music back to fighting form. We’re reviewing a new show at least once a week and sometimes more and coverage of events like Pop Montreal hasn’t even started yet.

That doesn’t mean that other art reviews will be left out to dry (or get soggy, it is the fall, after all). Expect a similar revival for Sunday Theatrics in the weeks to come. As well, we’ll have brand spanking new visual arts coverage and reviews, along with previews of other events.

For The Record: For the Record will be a section that focuses on albums we love, giving our writers the opportunity to review some of their favourite artists from the past, present and maybe even the soundtrack of Back to the Future. These could be lesser-known, completely unknown or very well known recordings. It’s the least the internet can do for CDs, tapes and vinyl.

Carte Blanche: Montreal photographer Hugo Trottier will be transforming part of our site into a virtual photo gallery on a weekly basis. His collection will center on culture, fashion and arts events in Montreal. It’s the unseen and seen happenings told through the eye and lens of this world-travelled shutterbug.

Hockey: Jaroslav Halak won’t be returning to the Habs this season, but Cindy Lopez will. Find out what Cindy thinks of the players, the games and of course the best (and worse) places to pound back a few cold ones while yelling at the screen.

and introducing…

FTB Fiction: That’s right, fiction!   Short stories, longer stories in serial format, poetry, you name it. As Michael Moore said “we live in fictitious times” we all might as well enjoy it.

and returning…

Friday Film Review is off this month but returns in October. Stephanie Laughlin, our film writer, is currently workig for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).   Her TIFF report will be available sometime next month.

The Soapbox will return soon too (on a regular basis this time!). All of your other favourites are already up and running for another season. FTBTV will also be kicking into high gear real soon. JC Sunshine will be back with new episodes and additional video content is on the way.

Despite this full slate, we’ve got some other surprises in store. If you’d like to be one of those surprises and contribute to FTB, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at forgetthebox@forgetthebox.net and tell us a bit about yourself and what section(s) you’d like to contribute to.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and keep checking back. It’s good to remember that it may get a bit cold outside, but it’s also good to forget the box.

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