FTB Hits Piknic Electronic On Opening Day


The sky was powder blue and the weather perfect for the opening day of Piknic Electronik this Sunday. I met up with my photographer who looked ill in black circle frame shades with gold arms, heathered grey tights and a lace top. Brrrringgg! We got to the party around 5, it was already crazy, so many people in their summer gear smiling and guzzling tall beers.


The music was thumping hard as we approached the makeshift dance floor around the sculpture. The Drifter set was bonkers, the steady rhythmic pulse of good house was causing the crowd to surge in the hot sun. Lots of beautiful people were in the place. There is something of a festival atmosphere around Piknic. That feeling of otherworldliness and excitement you get being outdoors listening to EDM.


It was time to chug some fluid—  I met back up with my girl who had been backstage taking photos. We went down by the water behind the party for awhile and ended up sharing oranges and cigarettes with the other partygoers seeking refuge in the shade. We decided to head back up to catch the opening of the Mayssam set. I’d been pumped for it. She opened with 15 minutes of juicy basslines and by that time I was so sweaty and hot I had to call in a marker! We left shortly after for refreshment and repose.


Piknic is a fresh, affordable, high quality event. It’s definitely something to check out in MTL during summer. It’s got everything: good tunes, beer, beautiful people and it’s outdoors. They have a stellar line up for the rest of the summer which includes local and international artists alike. Showcasing the best local talent and bringing us what’s flavourful from around the world is what Piknic is about. Check out their schedule of dates and performers here.


Photos by: Hannah Hackney 

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