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UPDATE: Coderre’s plan was adopted by Montreal City Council with a vote of 37 in favour and 23 against on September 27, 2016

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is trying to bring in a pit bull ban by September. If the City Council approves, new pit bulls will be banned across the island and existing pit bull owners as well as the owners of a few other as-of-yet unnamed breeds will have to register their dogs, spay or neuter them and put a muzzle on them when in public.

Coderre’s move came about because of the death of 55 year old Pointe-aux-Trembles resident Christiane Vadnais. She was found in her backyard and police suspect she was mauled by a pit bull.

While the Montreal approach is not as harsh as what Quebec City plans to do in January or what Ontario has already done, it has quite a few responsible and loving dog owners understandably upset. While their argument against this ban may stem from a very personal place, their love of their companion animal or animals, there is less emotional argument against breed specific legislation like this:

Breed specific legislation does nothing to stem dog attacks because it’s bad dog owners who make their dogs violent and dangerous. We should go after them instead of arbitrarily punishing thousands of innocent dogs and responsible and loving dog owners.

The Montreal City Council will weigh in on this in September, but now it’s your turn to have your say. We’re launching a poll on this subject. You can vote in this post and on the sidebar of any page on this site.

Usually our polls revolve around pop culture distractions…like elections (sorry, not sorry). In order to liven up the mood, we usually include a few somewhat comedic choices (like voting for Stephen Harper, sorry, not sorry). That’s not the case this time. There are only three choices:

  1. Yes, you support the Montreal pit bull ban as proposed by Denis Coderre
  2. No, you don’t support it and are against breed specific legislation
  3. You support BSL but don’t like Coderre’s plan for it

So have your say below this paragraph and, if you want, explain why you voted the way you did in the comments. Also, please feel free to share this poll with your friends. Maybe your votes can sway our elected officials.

Do you support Montreal's proposed ban on pit bulls?

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* Featured image by Hugo A. Quintero G via Flickr Creative Commons

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  • 2.No, you don’t support it and are against breed specific legislation. As is clearly stated, the owners should be held accountable and not the dogs. BSL does nothing to stop dog attacks and is already causing people to take action on their own and are poisoning, beating and burning pitties because of the proposed BSL law. Responsible, loving owners are terrified to leave their dogs in the yard or even take them for a walk! So do you really think that putting a BSL law into place will resolve the issue?!!!!

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  • The media and the Mayor along with his puppets have created mass hysteria. This is wrong on so many levels.
    1. The fact that he won’t listen to anyone that can prove this will not work shows what a pompous, arrogant person he is. He has his own agenda.
    2. It didn’t work in Ontario. It was admitted to have been a mistake after families were devastated when their dogs were taken without warrants and put to death.
    3. He’s laying blame and punishing the wrong end of the leash.
    4. Why is he punishing innocent dogs and devastating families because of one dog and one bad owner?
    He was elected by the people, to LISTEN to the people. He is a dictator that is overstepping his bounds. HE HAS MOST CERTAINLY ABUSED HIS AUTHORITY AND SHOULD BE ORDERED TO STEP DOWN IMMEDIATELY.

  • I think Toronto has the right idea. Mr Codere should bring in new laws that will shame and embarrass irresponsible dog owners. But there is a need to make sure that when places like the SPCA and other animal rescue groups are adopting pitties out that they go to people who are properly screened.

    • he didn’t enforce any the laws that exist to begin with that dog had already bittin in the past and was abused by its owner. you are ignorant excuse me he is doing a mass media witch hunt to cover his own ass !!!

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