FTB TV redux: music, media, meat and mushrooms

We here at ForgetTheBox.tv will be trying out some new stuff over the next few weeks to give you a better overall viewing experience on our video site. We will be aiming to bring you the same level of high quality content that is available on our written site, ForgetTheBox.net.

The focus at ForgetTheBox.tv will move to mimic the web-magazine’s format, in that we will be offering content appealing to a wider range of viewers with more content posted regularly. We will be showcasing our own in house productions from FTB Studios as well as posting other funny, interesting and cool videos that are required internet viewing for the internet dependent.

So here is what to expect in the next little while:

We will be doing a major site redesign (so things might be a bit screwy for a bit) but then we’ll be back better then ever!

We will be expanding our network of friends and independent content producers, by working with quite a variety of other producers in Montreal and bringing you their content in our FTB originals section:

Aimee Davidson – One Hundred Jobs

Some of the stuff we will be covering is local music acts here in Montreal and in the vicinity:

Darling Ghost at Casa Del Popolo

We will also be posting videos that are just plain fun, entertaining or relevant to our interests!

Pavement at Montreal Osheaga Festival

Mushrooms are good for you

Lady Gaga is a Meat Head – seriously could someone please throw her on a BBQ??

Anyway that’s it for now. Keep checking back for updates and new fun content!

ForgetTheBox.TV video editor

Chris Zacchia

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