In All Seriousness, Politics Can Be Funny

Anyone ever notice the only news we get exposed to these days is filled with fear and misery? 50% of the stories are either about people dying (accidents, natural disasters, wars, etc.) or people lying (politicians, businessmen, lawyers, etc.). The other 50% are filled with nonsensical gibberish about some celebrity’s affair or fashion sense. So depressing…

Unfortunately Quiet Mike is no exception. As much as I try to get people to wake up, think and question the status quo, I do have a tendency to cover some pretty discouraging topics. While my intensions I believe are for the better, the death of Jack Layton this past week has reminded me that life is short and we can all use a little humour from time to time. So with hilarity and wit in mind, I give you the First Quiet Mike Political Cartoon-A-Thon!


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