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After producing several successful live podcast shows over the past year, the folks over at the arts and culture talk show Edge of the City posed themselves a question. “After so many years at CJLO (Concordia University’s radio station) it really became time to think about where do we go from here?”  says Edge of the City producer and co-host Paul Aflalo. “It came down to two options; go find one of those elusive jobs in radio, or do our own thing.”

After leaving CJLO in September, Edge of the City team of Aflalo, Al Lafrance, Matt Goldberg and Asaf Gerchak (who has since moved to Australia and been replaced by 13th hour host Kirsten Rasmussen) are going full force this Saturday November 24th with the launch of No More Radio, Montreal’s first ever podcast network. “It may take off phenomenally or it may be a complete disaster, but I’m thrilled to be apart of something that’s never been done in Montreal before” Aflalo says.

While it’s anyone’s guess if No More Radio will prove to be a financial success,  Aflalo and company have brought together an impressive creative roster of podcasts for the new network. Along with Edge of City four other podcasts each focusing on different aspects of arts and culture in Montreal will launch this Saturday:

Confabulation is  a all-true live storytelling series that has been going on around Montreal for a few years now, brought to life by Matt Goldberg. Goldberg initially became involved with Edge of the City by producing Confabulation segments for the show, and with his charming and inquisitive personality, eventually evolved into a co-host. Now with Confabulation: The Podcast Goldberg will also host a podcast that will take and expand on aspects from the Confabulation live shows.

Illa Fabulis,  hosted by Angela MacKenzie, will be a monthly podcast where she interviews interesting and inspiring Canadian women, both established and up and coming.

Dirty Feet,  hosted by Allison Burns, Joannie Pharand, J.D Papillon and Jenn Doan will be a weekly podcast devoted to dance and movement based performance arts. The show will feature interviews and discussions with dancers, choreographers and journalists.

Finally On Repeat, hosted by Dave Cool (yes that’s his real name and yes, he is a cool dude) will be a music podcast. As the director of artistic relations at the popular music website Bandzoogle,  Dave is a man who knows allot about music and will be sharing that knoweldge every episode with listeners.

Make sure that you come support No More Radio at the launch party this Saturday, 10 p.m at the Montreal Improv (3713 St-Laurent). The show will feature Ira Lee, The Bawdy Electric and comedian Dan Bingham. For more imformation feel free to contact Paul Aflalo at




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