Green Bean 2010 Review

What a year!

We’re still here, so hopefully that means that we’re doing something right … or not at all if we look at the last year in eco news. Without getting all ‘told you so’ on your butt, let’s have a look to see what the Green Bean has brought you throughout 2010 …

Earth Day turned 40 this year!   Two days before that anniversary, the biggest accidental, and certainly most frustrating ecological disaster we’ve ever seen dominated the media for months. Yup, it’s the BP oil spill, one of the worst environmental disasters of all time, but Obama did good by banning offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico until 2017.

Remember Haiti’s earthquake? That was probably an omen for the year ahead, and those people still don’t have everything they need to move on with their lives.

Made worse by crappy environmental protection laws.
Satellite image of the border between Haiti (left) and the Dominican Republic (right) showing deforestation (source: NASA)

Orca whales get their asses protected but whales in general almost got screwed over, but the caribou are still in trouble. Instead of good, solid, ethical wildlife management, hundreds of geese were gassed to death in the U.S. Oh yeah, and 2010 was the United Nation’s year of Biodiversity.woopsie!

Climate ‘talks’ in Cancun underwhelmed us, and G20 reporters get their own ecosystem built so they can sit lake-side on Muskoka chairs while Toronto police make a big fuss. Suddenly, shale gas exploration is an important issue to Canadians, and you can voice your opinion on it, too

Inuit hunters are seeing more sunlight, they say, from climate change, and they don’t like it. He doesn’t have to hunt for his food, but Harper stalked and killed our country’s only climate bill, but that’s not gonna stop us from trying to save Canada from looking like a bunch of jerks. Take everyone working their bums off to ban bottled water from their school campuses as a fine example!

So that’s what went on in the world in a nutshell. Little things have been happening throughout the year in your own neighborhood that hopefully make you feel good about the environment, though. With each new day there are hordes of people who make it their business to make a difference, like people engrossed in the transition towns movement, and environmental businesses like the cooperative du grand orme who celebrated their second year of success, growing on a sustainable business model.

Little gardens are popping up in impromptu places in the concrete jungle thanks to other greenies like the folks at Greening Duluth and Ferme Carya, all tucked away on our metropolitan island to bring you fresh, local food.

Ramsey of Ferme Carya plays in the dirt with some volunteers

Little forests in small green pockets of Montreal we fought for in 2010. The fate of the Anse a l’Orme nature reserve received a lot of media attention this year. Let’s hope 2011 sees this parcel of land protected so Montreal’s only river can keep doing what it’s supposed to do; carry our contaminated water from one point of the island to the St. Lawrence and Ottawa waterway.

Anse a l'Orme nature reserve

Hats off to you for a new year. It would be fun to bring you some positive environmental news, so keep recycling, composting, turning your lights off, and showering with friends to save water!

~Mel Lefebvre

*Listen to Mel on CKUT 90.3 FM at 11 am every Tuesday on Ecolibrium – Montreal’s only english environmental radio show

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  • Ecolibrium is canceled today, but you just read what the show was going to be about!
    See you in the new year with more eco-news

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