Why must there be so many evil, vile people out to ruin other innocent people’s hard work and the fruits of their labour? People who rob and then stab their victims, even though they’ve already stolen what they wanted? Or for that matter, those creepy, anti-social type people who sit in basements crafting computer viruses and malware, for the sole purpose of causing other people harm?

As some of you probably know, Forget the Box was hacked last week forcing us to temporarily take the site offline. (The hack has since been cleaned up & we extend a wealth of gratitude to Terry Cutler: The Ethical Hacker for his help cleaning our system. We apologise for any inconvenience and have taken steps to make the site more secure.) Overall for me this ordeal was quite disheartening. Forget the Box is one of the only successful ventures I’ve ever been involved with, and I’ve seen it begin to flourish and grow.

Forget The Box is one of the only good dreams of mine to have come true. Through the hard work and efforts of the whole team, as a media collective which we’ve done our best and worked tirelessly and often thanklessly to get this far.

Then someone decided to sabotage our collective dream!?

I admit it! I don’t know what a “l33t hx0r” is. I’m told that it’s a code for hackers. A hacker is someone who deliberately breaks into the code of a software program or website, for the purpose of creating and spreading computer viruses, spyware, malware, and adware.

A hacker is also the name of a bronze-age chopping tool used for butchering meat into more manageable sizes by cutting pieces off, usually at the joints. It was also used for torture. These computer hackers deserve to be hacked apart with one of these, a death that is slow and extremely painful, as the dismemberment begins with the digits and continues, joint by joint, until all the limbs are cut off. If the victim somehow survives, they will pretty much be a helpless vegetable for whatever is left of their miserable lives, which of course, will be very short and filled with pain.

The torture I just described was also popular among despotic kings from the early Bronze Age until about the renaissance, a period of roughly 4500 years. Of course, computers, as we know and love them today, didn’t exist back then, so hacking a website at that time would probably not have been possible. (More on that in a future rant.)

In other news, Prince William married Kate Middleton, in an overblown and over reported ceremony. I mean according to the news for the past month or so, the only things happening were the Canadian federal election, and the royal wedding, and who made the cake, and who was invited, and what a ‘Fascinator hat” is.   To me, this was a nice thing, but really didn’t merit even one tenth of the coverage it got.

Saturday night was the FTB FUN(d)raiser at Trios Minots, on St. Laurent in Downtown Montreal. A good time was had by all and we thank everyone for coming out to support us. Photos will be up soon 🙂

Today is Election Day in Canada. The polls close at 9:30PM, so if you haven’t already done so, GO VOTE. If you don’t know who to vote for, check out our election coverage!

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  • There are good hackers out there too, though. The type you’re describing use their skills for evil. I too, and everyone on the team, was pretty upset with what happened. My computer got hit hard. =(

    Some people are pretty skilled though and are “white hat” hackers in which they use their (let’s call them) ‘powers’ for good. Like super powers for example.

    Great article though. You have a good style.

  • Great article! And it’s true that most hackers do suck, but thankfully we always have those that are willing to help instead of harm

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