Is your Halloween costume one of the best in Montreal? Find out!

Halloween is a holiday that Montrealers celebrate in droves each year. FTB thinks that Montrealers have some of the best and most imaginative costumes out there. This is your chance to prove us right!

If you think your costume this year is a good one, find out if it’s a great one! Just take a picture of yourself wearing it, at a party, at home, on the metro, wherever, then share that image on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook using the hashtag #haloweenmtl and tag @forgetthebox

You have until Sunday, November 2nd at midnight. We’ll be sharing the top 20 costumes in a post on November 4th.

As if being named the best costume in a town known for great costumes isn’t enough, we’ve got prizes:

Best Costume: A pair of tickets to any show at RIDM International Documentary Festival in November (except opening and closing night), an official Forget The Box T-Shirt and a bunch of candy!

2nd Best Costume: An official Forget The Box T-Shirt and a decent amount of candy!

3rd Best Costume: Candy! (at least a couple of handfuls)

Now, the fine print:

1. Contest is open to anyone from anywhere but photos must be shared on social media from the Greater Montreal Area.

2. Contest is open to FTB contributors and staff, however prizes are not. If a member of FTB places first, second or third, their prize will fall to the person who placed below them on the list.

3. Group costumes are eligible, however there will be only one prize awarded per pic.

4. We will pick the best costumes based on merit. Re-shares on social media, though not officially counted, do give us a better idea of what the public thinks, so please encourage your friends to share.

5. We will not consider culturally insensitive or outright racist costumes. If you’re not sure what this means, ask someone.

6. Since this is Montreal, we probably should note that “candy” is not a euphemism for anything. We’re giving out actual Halloween candy, the kind the kids get.

So there you have it. Pretty simple if you ask me. Now get planning on those costumes, you just may have the best one in Montreal!

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