Lonely, Mature, White Male Seeks Hot Canadian Internet for Voyeur Fun!

Aaah, Craigslist casual encounters, will you never cease to amaze. Thought he was married, but check it out:

Lonely, Mature, White Male Seeks Hot Canadian Internet for Voyeur Fun! (m4wwmm)

As the title says I’m a mature white male (a gray wolf?) looking for Canadians who want to open up their online activities to me, for my viewing pleasure, with the forced help of every ISP in the country.

With your name, phone number, address and IP address I’ll watch everything you do online in real time! You won’t even know I’m there. It will make you feel safe, and it really gets me off.

Just imagine: every time you log on, I’ll be there, over your shoulder, breathing gently in your ear, letting my eyes roll over your mouse clicks and keystrokes. My buddies will be watching too. I’m so hard already, just thinking about it.

I just want to make the whole country my best j/o buddy doesn’t it sound beautiful?

Check out this article for more information. I’m not affiliated in any way with Michael Geist, but I can’t wait to leer at his bandwidth. Mmmmhmmmm. Delicious.

To sign up as my personal masturbatory fodder, just vote conservative in the coming election or better yet don’t vote at all!

Eagerly Awaiting,

S. Harper.

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  • For people confused by this little personal ad it is based on the Conservatives platform on Net Neutrality which was reported by Michael Geist. Here is an excerpt:

    “While there are good and bad with each party, the Conservatives new commitment to lawful access – new laws that would establish massive Internet surveillance requirements and the potential disclosure of personal information without court oversight – is incredibly problematic for the Internet, privacy, and online freedoms. It requires real debate yet seems likely to slip under the public radar.

    This week the Conservatives election platform included a commitment to bundle all the crime and justice bills into a single omnibus bill and to pass it within a new Parliament’s first 100 days.”

  • Massive internet surveillance is ridiculous and disclosure of any personal information especially via internet is a complete violation of our privacy. I can understand that perhaps they are interested in our protection (so they say) but this is going a little over the limit. Why would I trust a government official, or ”security” company to watch over my online activities, correction, why would I trust ANYBODY to watch what I’m up to online. Stay away from IP please, stay away from my personal information, If you really want to know something about me, just ask, and I’ll send you an e-mail or if you prefer, a letter, thanks.

  • Why do I want him to eat that kitten?

  • Hilariously creepy article, that made me laugh. Then it gave me the shivers, because if the Conservatives get the chance they will slide this into law without so much as a peep.

    It’s been incredibly exciting to hear that each political party has internet policy as a part of their platform, I honestly thought that we were still a few years away from politicians catching up with the times. I guess when Jack Layton said ”hashtag fail” during the english language debates the other night, it proves that we’re still not quite there yet. Though I must admist this is a great leap beyond comparing the internet to a ”series of tubes”.

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