Hmm, does this look like a win streak? Early December Canadiens

A defense love story: who do we keep?

Zzzz…did I miss the game? Zzzz…. I hate afternoon games.

I look away for a couple games and this happens: The Habs have a winning streak. Yes, it’s only two games but it had been a while. Thanks in part to Habs Express on RDS for filling in the blanks, helps a girl when all she wants to do is have fun (in the non hockey way).

But of course the funny thing was that it was bottom dwellers both East and West. New Jersey (sans Martin Brodeur) were blown away 5-1 Thursday while I was potlucking at Vegas: the official home-base of Forget the Box. A friend was glad that Carey Price lost the shutout because he was losing in the hockey pool.

Yes, someone whined about Carey Price having too many shutouts. Seriously, it’s hard being a Habs fan. No win/win when your best player is too good.

While we feasted on homemade goodies, Lars Eller had a second helping of goals. He’s developing a taste for getting the puck in the net these days, if only he can fill into his frame a little bit more. Pass him some potatoes along with the puck.

He’s now on a line with Darche and Pouillot. Do we call this the Dep line as they’ll be open for 24 hours like a depaneur? Will think of a better line name later.

And yes, Scott Gomez has been scoring, thus ends the goalless joke. Smell the sweet scent of winning in the Jersey wetlands. The Devils are hoping that rookie Stephen Gionta will one day be like his Captain brother Brian. In the meantime, it still stinks in New Jersey.

Something was missing, where was the triple low fives? Carey Price was left hanging cause PK Subban was a healthy scratch. Was the same for the afternoon game against the San Jose Sharks. What the f**k?

PK was learning his lesson from the Edmonton game that even as a rookie, he must control his passion for the game. Being passionate about defense is a good thing but sometimes it can be distracting and mistakes can be made. We all love PK but he’s still a rookie, mistakes will be made (and can be costly).

Not to worry, Yannick Weber got the chance to play and is hot right now. 2 points in 2 games. However this was PK’s slot, Coach Martin is not breaking up a good thing.

Uh oh. Looks like we got defense drama.

Both PK and Weber had been buddies back in the minors (they would give each other rides to practice) and both have been hyped the last couple of seasons. I’ve been waiting for Weber to come up and do his thing, only his thing just bumped off PK.

It comes at a time when we found out Markov is gone for the season. Sad but true, he’s not coming back. Seems that getting hit by Eric Staal is the equivalent to being hit by a truck. However the future of defence couldn’t be brighter. Both PK and Webber will be high calibre defenseman down the road, it the meantime there has to be a way to keep both guys. No one is liking PK in the press box.

It’s not sitting well with some fans I know. It pissed off the Halak lover/Price hater, which by the way: please come up with something more clever that calling Martin a f**cker. Senator fans were a lot wittier when Dany Heatley returned to Ottawa.

I did catch some afternoon Shark action, my job has a TV for just these occasions. I was able to catch some first period action but multitasking work and hockey means I missed the Darche goal by a second.

The defense was solid, despite the Sharks outshooting us but most importantly Hamerlick and Spacek were effective in shutting down Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau and Dany (douchebag) Heatley (that’s how you insult). With that type of talent it is surprising that San Jose is practically a cellar dweller in the west.

Surprising that Stanley Cup hero Antti Niemi has been a bust in teal. Then again, we’re still surprised that Carey Price can play solid during a time when he normally takes a nap.

Zzz…great save by Price. Zzz…afternoon games suck.

My hockey like since 1992

Shout Outs of the Week: Shout out to Guy Lafleur who played his final game Sunday at the Bell Centre as the Old Timer Canadiens played the Hall of Famers. Guy Guy Guy! is hanging up the skates for good but he finished in style… with a hat trick.

Shout out to Marche aux Puces St Michel for the kitsch adventure this past Sunday as I discovered some of the coolest hockey memorabilia and a blast from my hockey past: Kirk Muller back when he played for the Habs.

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