HOORAY FOR MUSIC! HOORAY FOR EARTH this Wednesday @ Sala Rossa

Photo by Jonny Leather

Whatca you doin this Wednesday evening? Well, if you don’t have plans and are looking to get your boggle head moves on, come see HOORAY FOR EARTH at Sala Rossa.

HOORAY FOR EARTH, based in NYC, formed in 2006 and makes music that sounds like spring bubbles, dancing bones, mixed with cool temperature clubbing.

It’s good club-pop-thrash (as they describe). It’s not the kind that makes you want to rip your hair out and scream silently in the bathroom, while tripping on copious amounts of drugs, questioning your attendance to such a show. Well, thankfully, HOORAY FOR EARTH is just pleasant. Think of a low-key MGMT leaving the glowing country side, moving to NYC and jaunting around town as they sneak in and out venues in a happy-delirious-smiley state. Yea, it’s pretty sweet.

Come hear it for yourself. If you can’t because of other obligations, like washing your hair or cleaning your fridge, check out their EP, Momo or come see them.

Or do all three and just plan your time accordingly.

Anyway, The Concretes (sweetly Swedish) and Receivers (Montreal dwellin’), will also be around doing their wonderful and charming music thing (oh, the excitement is growing).

Cool beans. See you Wednesday.

I like music that sounds like bubbles. HOORAY FOR EARTH @ Sala Rossa. Doors @ 8:30PM. $15.

Band photo courtesy of: http://theartofagency.wordpress.com/2010/03/

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