Hopes for 2010

Good morning everybody, it’s a new decade, 2010, with all of its promise and all of its dreads.

It feels weird thinking about how the year 2000 was considered the distant future when I was a kid and even as recently as 1998. In fact, now being ten years ahead of the year 2000 makes me feel old. I know, I’m relatively young for a man of my years, being roughly the same age or just slightly older than several of my FTB compatriots.

Still, I find it disturbing that many of my high school classmates are very soon going to be sending THEIR children to high school. I have no children. In my case, that’s probably a good thing, as I’ve just been through a hellish bankruptcy of a disaster, resulting in my being forced to move back into my parent’s basement.

My father charges me more rent than I was paying at my previous apartments, but then, I have to pay back-rent to my father for the months I lived there, unable to pay rent, in a sort of heavily guilt-ridden debt-bondage. I owe my parents a lot of money, and my dad won’t let me forget it.

One major source was the car they helped me buy. It will take a long time to pay them back for it, probably longer than the life of the car. I can’t help it, I’m not paid very well at my job.

This was largely my own stupid fault, as the company is paying me exactly what I asked for. In fact, this company is probably the most ethical company of its size that I’ve ever worked for.

I’ve also been wrestling with demons far superior to me, at least that’s what these demons keep telling me. So I certainly hope that this year is far better than the last. It wasn’t wrung in the way I’d hoped, but I still want the rest of the year to go smoothly and in a fun, exciting and prosperous manner. I NEED Prosperity this year! and every year following it. I’ve had more than my fill of poverty.

The only holiday bonus I got this year was that I have a job to go back to when the holidays are over. If anything, I’ve lost a whole week’s pay simply because I haven’t been with the company long enough to qualify for paid holidays and I hadn’t made up the time through doing overtime, again, because I wasn’t there long enough. Hopefully this won’t be a problem next year and if I’m still working there next year, it won’t be.

I need to try to be more optimistic towards this new year of 2010, stop ranting all the time (except in this column, of course) I need to stop being so easily annoyed or irritated by the stupidities and inanities of my surroundings, except I still must remain fully and completely aware of them.

I need to improve my driving skills, which seem to be brought into question by those not qualified to criticize, but then the non participants usually get the accolades after stealing the credit for all your hard work.

Please make a donation to Forget The Box and help us have a real, full and prosperous 2010.

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