I Know No One Listens To Talk Radio But…

I occasionally listen to CJAD (AM800). I admit it. I know it’s not very cool. I’m sorry but its one of those things I sometimes do when no one else is around.

Recently I was listening to the radio station and an ad came on that made my ears do a double take! I heard an ad for a website called FriendsofScience.org.  The ad itself was preposterous. It “suggests” that climate change and global warming are just a sham and that pollution has nothing to do with any of the problems on our little blue planet! I was like WTF! Am I actually hearing this?

Normally I just forget about these little things and go on with my life but this one stuck in my mind like a thorn. I decided to check out the website to see if this was some sort of joke or publicity attempt… but NO it isn’t, they are just as crazy as they sound on their radio ad.

Has anyone from CJAD actually looked at this website? This group claims that environmental pollution has nothing to do with climate change and that people should lobby their representatives against enacting any sort of environmental reforms. They do NO research of their own but simply pluck quotes that support their inane opinions from right wing reports and other ridiculous sources. They must get their facts from the same place as the people at the creationist museum!

Are they serious? Is CJAD serious? Is this the type of fanatical group that CJAD allows to purchase air time? CJAD is owned by Astral media, maybe they are to blame. This is the type of ad I would expect to hear along side the Rush Limbaugh show not on a station that broadcasts in MONTREAL!!!

I understand that the Radio stations are struggling to get by these days but ads like these are seriously not worth it. They do more harm than good. These types of ads will alienate listeners and scare off other potential advertisers. I’m sure I am not the only listener perturbed by this ad and I hope that others voice their concern.

To do so send an email to Steve Kowch Programming Director skowch@radio.astral.com and/or/cc the Advertising department at kgariepy@radio.astral.com


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  • I heard the same commercial yesterday afternoon, and thought much the same thing. I wonder if the people who placed the ad might have also been responsible for this morning’s fog?

  • I hear a lot of thing on radio I don’t agree with – and I think we should ban them all!

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