If you film it, women will cum

After more than 25 years in the subscription adult entertainment business, Playboy TV has announced a change in their overall format.   In lieu of the softcore pornographic movies, Playmate specials and adult-oriented game shows they’ve been using to lure in the traditional male porn consumer, they’re reaching out to the fairer sex with new shows like ‘Brooklyn Kinda Love.’

In an attempt to cash in on the reality TV boom that has caught on worse than a bad case of herpes, ‘Brooklyn Kinda Love’ is a docu-reality style program that traces the relationship trials and tribulations of four real couples.   Remember, we’re talking Playboy TV here, so this includes an emphasis on intimacy over blatant pornographic imagery, growing together as a couple over a growing number of guys in the gang bang and the budget behind the high production values synonymous with the Playboy name.

All in all, the channel plans to add six new programs in this vein to its schedule within the next year.   Before you get your panties tied up in a knot, the content of these new shows does remain firmly sexual without being overtly misogynist, hoping to fill some sort of niche in the subscription adult entertainment market.   For example, approximately one in every four visitors of online porn sites is female, so clearly there’s at least some demand in the marketplace.

The societal trend researchers who came to the conclusion that this is something that would succeed for Playboy TV found that pornography needed to contextualize sex, demonstrate real chemistry between its characters and feature a variety of non-enhanced body shapes to please the average young female consumer.

As Sharon Lee, founder of the societal trend analysis firm Culture-Brain, told the New York Times, ‘They want the romance to flow organically from the story and not pop up in a forced fashion as is the case in so many adult movies.”

I don’t know if it’s just me but I really don’t think Playboy can make porn that’s not inherently cheesy.   I mean, give it as much budget as you want, but in the end, it’s still a carnal crass act that no amount of organically flowing romance can make it seem the type of ‘beautiful’ that turns ‘normal’ women on.   And if you lay on the romance too much, it just comes off cliché and trite, since most women have a different idea of what they mean by romance.   One woman’s dozen red roses is another woman’s front row monster truck spectacular tickets is another woman’s bondage play.

Maybe the main reason most women aren’t really that into porn isn’t that we’re hardwired against it, but that the majority of us explore the circuits in the first place.   It wasn’t really around much, if at all, during the formative years of my sexuality.   And with today’s hypersexualized landscape, most young women don’t even have to pay $15 dollars a month to witness all the soft-core shenanigans they desire on TV, not to mention the ridiculous treasure trove of pornography known as the Internet.

I’d like to think had I discovered this female-focused Playboy TV as scrambled porn while babysitting after the kids were soundly asleep, it could have aided at awakening my already burgeoning sexual desire.   I didn’t need Playboy TV because I had my imagination, which was, and still is, much sexier than anything the executives at Playboy could ever dream up.   And that certainly doesn’t cost me a cent a month… well, other than the cost of batteries.

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  • Pretty sure women watch mainstream porn too… At least I have no problem fapping to what is made with men in mind.

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