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Mixing cold medicines is not likely a good idea. I wrote this on a combination of
NyQuil, Otrivin and Neo Citran, so I could get a decent night’s sleep for a change. Instead, I was wide awake and rambling on and on inanely…

Forgive me folks, but I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and I’m a bit scatterbrained. I realize that this one is all over the place and back again. Let’s face it, it’s a mess, a real mess.

Let’s start by reviewing this previous week:

Friday: I was at the Montreal International Auto show and I saw a few cars which impressed me and a large number of cars that were far less than memorable. I was disappointed by the new Chevrolet Camaro, as is didn’t live up to the hype put forth about it, even if it DID have an “Autobot” symbol on it. Toyota, Volvo, Nissan, et al were mostly as anemic and bland as ever.

It was my 34th birthday. I went to a dive-bar and got drunk on cheap beer while first a bunch of kids played and then a real band came out and played. I was badly hung over the next morning.

Saturday: “Baking soda” hangover. Might puke. At night I went to the pool, no good eye candy at all.

Sunday. I can’t remember Sunday.

Monday: Back to work. Got my hands all inky.

Tuesday: See Monday.

Wednesday: As above.

Thursday: See Monday.

Friday: Shopped and slept. Watched a movie.

Saturday: hasn’t happened yet. I know this goes out on Monday, but I do try to write these ahead of time.

Sunday: See Saturday.

Today: Back to work. See last Monday.

My week sounds boring when I write it down like that. I also did a few paintings. Who cares.

I have a cold. This cold is causing me sleep apnea. I’m working with heavy machinery while somewhat drowsy, fighting it while at work.

Feeling exhausted and a little stressed. One of my facebook alter ego accounts has been de-activated. I don’t know why. At least it wasn’t my real one.

I’m thinking about dropping one activity at least somewhat. I realize what happened to the Simpsons when Conan O’Brien left, but the show continues on twenty years later. I know that the best staff writer can easily be replaced by anyone else. On the other elbow, I don’t want to quit it entirely. Can you sort-of quit something in a half-assed, half -hearted manner?

I know I shouldn’t vent like that. I should vent like this: |######| |#######|, or this: ^^%&^*^&$%^!%!#^%^*&*))_^$!@#$#^&^&(*(_()(%^#Q^%((__+(^&&$&&*_&&%^&*(*(_()+)_+)*_+(_)&*%^&*^(*(_()+)_)^&&#%&^&(&*)()+()(^&&^$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I won’t likely do that. This isn’t a comic book. Or is it?

Typing tripe when you’re half asleep makes no sense. Who cares, no one reads this silly column anyways, except those that do. And they are very smart, intelligent, savvy people and machines too. Oh, right, and animals. Thanks to all the animals that read this weblog, even the fake ones.

I don’t trust any acronym ending with the letter “Q.” There is something dubious about what the Q stands for in most of these organizations, especially the local ones.

What the hell is this, anyway? It’s starting to look like that horrible hodgepodge of telephone rants from the paper. The paper is a good thing. It’s all good.

This new cold medicine I took to treat the cold I have seems to be kicking in. I am getting sleepy.

If Mount Royal erupted, the Plateau and the golden mile would likely be in trouble.

I saw the movie “Waking Life.” It was a cartoon. It sucked the bottom, like one of those tank-cleaning fish in the aquarium that look like slugs. It was mixing drugs with academics. Boring and hallucinatory. The characters were bored with the conversation and to heck with the audience.

It’s 2:30 in the morning. I’m going to sleep.

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