Indie pop at its best The Drums @ Cabaret Juste Pour Rire

Electronic music makes my ears ache. I try to avoid listening to it anywhere I go (okay, maybe I’m being dramatic…I just can’t listen to it on a daily basis). Thank god I’m not the only person who’s part of the I-can’t-do-it-daily-electronic-music club and thank god some of those club members formed the surfer pop band (after being tired of playing electronic music themselves) The Drums.

The Drums, an American indie pop band (that somehow sound like they were raised and born in the UK), performed at Cabaret Juste pour rire Sunday October 17, 2010. Formed in 2006, by Jonathan Pierce (vocals) and Jacob Graham (guitar) they have been impressing music critics, music listeners and other artists with their catchy, cutesy songs and rhythm ever since (they were voted “Best Hope in 2010” by Pitchfork’s readers poll).

Their songs are extremely catchy and addictive, so I can completely understand why everyone has fallen for this band. I almost feel like they are made up of one cup of flour, seven cups of sugar, sprinkled with sprinkles and then turned into sweet, sweet sugar cookies. Pop music makes me happy and I like being happy and The Drums certainly has this effect on you. Anyway, enough about cookies, let’s get to the goods…

Seeing as I love being up high, I strategically placed myself at the top of the venue (like I did for Foals) and watched their bebopin’ performance from the top (this strategy gives you the best view of the band and everyone at the show! It is also how I spot the hot boys…haha). As I looked down everyone in the venue reminded me of bobble heads, just bopping up and down, while The Drums spastically and joyfully danced around to their own songs (expect for the drummer for obvious reasons)…Seriously, the guitarist had some serious dance coordination going on with his moves and his guitar. It was like we were all buoys on top of the ocean just hanging out, having a good time, floating around (guess that’s why they have surfer kind of feel to them!).

The show ended at 10pm and there was no encore, which was kind of sad, but all in all their bobblehead bouncing tunes did leave a layer of indie happiness over the audience. Though it was a tame show (Sunday shows…) and there were a few technical problems (during Lets Go Surfing the volume on the microphone was way too low), they played all our favourite songs (aka. every single one of them). That being said, it was not too much nor too little, it was just enough to give you your Drums fix (though I wish they had of busted out the keyboard…I love keyboards).

Cool beans kids, keep getting your Drums (The Drums self titled album should always be apart of your playlist) fix and hopefully the addiction with last forever and ever, amen!

The Drums – Me and the Moon

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  • what r u talking about, anyway…the Drummer is always the hardest dancer in the band! zhe’s dancing constantly!

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