Stop Being Sedated by Society: the Montreal Infringement Launch Party

I’m sick of hearing artists whine about festival fees. I’m sick of having festivals charge bands fees. I’m sick of how the entire process of sharing music, art and culture has melted down to how well Alberta’s oil fields are doing, and whether Hydro Quebec is still secretly ordering hookers with their “corporate” money. Luckily, I’m not actually physically sick, and thankfully there’s one festival who can pride themselves on being one of the only (other than UnPOP) that supports local artists, and all their endeavours, without treating them like the ADD kid in the learning centre who was pumped full of drugs, and turned into a zombie (and I think you and I both know he never actually had ADD, he was just easier to manage if he was head-dead).

So, instead of being head-dead, come out this Saturday and join us at 9pm at Bull Pub to help the Montreal Infringement Festival kick off their 8th year in operation. The Montreal Infringement Festival is a local arts and culture interdisciplinary festival open to all Montreal artists. If you like witty, smart-ass and intelligent people who get their fuel off the truths the world hides from you, whether it be politics, branding, media outlets or mediums, then you’ll feel right at home. And this home comes with bands, beer and the unveiling of their 2011 poster design contest winner.

What? You’re still not sure what the deal is with this? Well, here’s a deeper look:

“The Infringement welcomes a variety of performances and cultural resistance: theatre groups, performers, street activism, political theatre, musicians, radical performance, visual artists, films, marginalized arts, spoken-word, puppet shows, disadvantaged groups, and anyone wishing to artistically infringe on the monoculture that creeps into every corner of our lives. The festival aims to emphasize both critical practice in the arts, and artistic practice in activism. It also aims to provide a positive environment that encourages and nurtures critical art.”

Wow…now you’re excited, right? Wonderful!

So, instead of being the wrongly sedated kid in the learning centre, come out to support the great Montreal initiative of reclaiming your culture.

See you there Mr. Non-square.

The launch party runs from 9pm to 3am at the Bull Pub on 2170 St-Catherine West. The D-Tales, KWES, and The Jeffries, along with Talk/Sing Skeleton will be performing (and possibly a fourth surprise band!). All proceeds go towards the expression of freedom, culture and art.

*Please note, sorry if you were that kid. They tried to drug me up too, but my mother refused. No jokes.

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