Introducing Kalle Mattson

Kalle Mattson

Kalle Mattson fronts a tight rock band from Ottawa, though he himself hails from Sault Ste Marie. They played Wednesday night at the Cameron House for NXNE. They sound a little like Wintersleep at times, and yet at other times like the Mexican-style songs off the Kill Bill soundtrack.  Kalle Mattson, at their heaviest, could be compared to England’s Frank Turner, albeit with less vocal intensity. Mattson’s finger picking guitar style is at times reminiscent of Keaton Henson, though it sounds like he’s influenced by east coast playing styles.

The music is enhanced by the band which includes electric guitars, bass, drums and beautiful trumpet fills. Mattson writes interestingly morbid songs, referencing death, that seem less macabre because of the tempo chosen and the upbeat nature of the songs. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Check out “Thick as Thieves”

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