Introducing The Fox and the Moon

Three part harmonies? No problem! Nailed it!

The Fox and the Moon stepped in last minute to play a show at the Cameron House earlier this month after the scheduled act had to pull out due to illness. The trio, made up of two acoustic guitars (Chris Blachford and Kim Wexler), a mandolin (Stella Green) and wonderful harmonies mesmerized the audience from their first song and held them captive until the end of their set.

fox and moon 2The music has a beautiful simplicity and yet the harmonies, one of the most delightful aspects of this group, take the music to a different level. The cozy vibe of the Cameron House suits their sound so well and added to the ambiance of the set.

If you like groups like Trent Severn and Chic Gamine, you’ll love The Fox and the Moon. Only after their set did we learn it was only their third show together as a band; this was amazing to me.  You would have thought they’ve been playing together for years, both because of their seeming ease of performance of their original material, but also their stage presence and camaraderie.

Since the band is still very new, they don’t have much published online yet, but if you get a chance to see them live, do it!  They will enchant and entertain you from the first note to the last.


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